The Hardest Thing To Do In Quitting Is Staying Away From Cigarettes

Smoking is an addiction that is developed when one has this unmanageable reliance on cigarettes affecting negatively the entirety of a person’s health once it is stopped. But this does not mean that quitting smoking is impossible; only that it is hard to succeed in doing so.

It is a known fact that smoking is dangerous to the health of smokers. Aside from the changes in the appearance of smokers (stained teeth, fingers and hair), smoking also decreases blood flow to the farthest point in a person’s body (hands and feet) making temperatures in these area lower compared to other parts of a person’s body.

The nicotine by smokers from cigarettes also causes shivers and trembling because of its effect on nerve-muscle joints. It also constricts arteries causing heart problems. Smoking also destroys air sacs and narrows blood vessels in the lungs causing problems in the blood circulation to the lungs, not to mention a risk in developing lung cancer.

Other than the usual physiological effects of smoking there are also psychological problems caused by this addiction. One common problem that smokers experience is depression. Although, this is not experienced initially because of the stimulating effects of nicotine, but depression follows once the high feeling wears off.

There are lots of disadvantages brought about by smoking addiction aside from the ones mentioned in this article but what is important is that there is a solution to smoking problem. One can still quit even if the person had been smoking for years.

One way out of this vice is the cessation program being offered by different groups. This group acts as a support group which helps smokers stick on their goal to quit smoking. The hardest thing to do in quitting is staying away from cigarettes. Some may be able to quit for sometime but tends to go back to this addiction once withdrawal symptoms are experienced. Having a support group would be helpful.

If a person has a determined desire to really stop smoking, he can do so on his own. One thing that helps smokers quit is to keep himself busy. Having much idle time is what pushes some to smoke. However, stress must be controlled because some would tend to smoke under stressful situations. Staying away from things that reminds a person about smoking would also be effective. Changing what one usually does while smoking would also help.