The happiness quotient of Soul and Self

Why the richest nations of the world are placed lower on the happiness index? In addition, citizens of less developed nations happier than their counterparts in developed nations? The difference in the happiness graph among different nations is probably the difference in their spirituality level. People who understand the importance to their inner self are found to be a happy and satisfied lot.

The people who interact with their inner self on a regular basis have a control on themselves and peace of mind. In addition, they have a high spirituality index. Soul is the guiding force in an individual’s life. It has the answers to all the problem and questions in your life. People work hard to earn money and increase their standard of living. In course of time, they accumulate a decent amount of money but mortgage their life and happiness in this pursuit of accumulation. Money cannot provide you long lasting. In many developed countries of the world, despite a substantial rise in income, happiness levels have remained either stagnant or not increased. It implies that money cannot buy you happiness.

The key to happiness is within an individual, his soul. Meditation is the most important technique that helps you understand your inner self and aids in self-development. It can be done at any place in your home. You are required to sit cross-legged and close your eyes. You are then supposed to focus within your self and observe yourself. Initially it will be distracted but gradually with practice, you will be able to overcome the disturbances. Meditation strengthens your determination, increases your concentration and as a result, you become optimistic. It makes your life more fulfilling, vibrant and happy. The technique of meditation can be practiced by anyone such as teacher, an athlete, student, doctors and writers.

Increased concentration helps you give undivided attention to your work. It thereby increases your efficiency and productivity. As a result, now you are able to do more task and still feel energetic. Another method to increase your concentration is ‘the heart of rose’. Our life is like a rose; it has thorns as well as provides fragrance. We should always focus on the positive aspects of life; similarly, we must focus on the heart of rose and not thorns. You must focus on the rose for about 20 minutes. It is advisable that you practice this method at the same place at your home. As a result, mind is able to focus on a particular task, without getting distracted and wavered. Thus, your time management skills improve and you are able to do a great deal of work in a less time.

The current lifestyle is often accompanied by stress and physical fatigueless’. We are too busy in satisfying our materialistic needs that we hardly have time to talk with ourselves. It is very essential that we meditate in the morning as it prepares us for the day. It is like feeding and satisfying our soul. We cannot control the events occurring in our lives but we definitely can control our reactions to the events. Nothing in life will ever move according to our desires and wishes. However, if we have control on our mind we will still be happy. For instance, if we are waiting at the airport and the flight is delayed. Now, instead of criticizing the airport authorities, it is would be better if you read any magazine or book. In this case, the situation is not under anybody’s control but you can use your time by reading any book or talking to your loved ones.