The Growing Importance of Content Marketing for Auto Dealerships

In the recent past, content marketing has gained immense popularity, especially among auto dealerships and auto marketers. A 2012 report said that the most successful lead generating auto marketers are highly focused on content marketing. The effectiveness of the strategy lies in its inbound marketing nature that draws potential customers to the website. In this article, we will discuss the growing importance of content marketing for auto dealerships.

How does content marketing help auto dealerships?
Today, people want to become educated and get additional information about a product before they purchase. If your auto dealership website provides informative content that the potential customer is looking for, then he will surely be interested in visiting your site again and again.

In content marketing, marketers try to identify the digital behaviors of the existing customers as well as prospects at different stages of the purchase cycle such as awareness, consideration and the decision making process.

Based on these clues they create content in different forms like articles, blogs, videos, images, graphics, etc. to publish and distribute across different websites and social media accounts owned by the dealership. In this way they will be able to engage their target audience, which further drives more profitable customer actions and thus helps the dealerships get desired results.

The way content marketing works, it proves that it is an effective strategy. The following reasons will help you understand why it is so.

Helps in lead generation
People who are planning to purchase an automobile are more likely to search for information related to an automobile and its related products/services. So, when you provide the content that your target customer is looking for, you are more likely visible on the search results and bring quality prospects to your website.

Brings-in traffic to the website
As a car purchase is a big ticket item, prospective purchasers are likely to research online to compare products/services and to make a proper decision. In this context, it is important to post important data, comparative analysis on different makes of cars, etc. to help audiences make a sensible purchase. Thus, relevant content on the website will increase traffic and quality leads to the website over time.

Increases customer engagement
Customer engagement is significant because it ultimately helps conversions. High quality, flawless, unique, timely, relevant and interesting content is likely to keep them engaged. Such content helps customers get a good grasp of the varying issues in the purchase, maintenance, insurance and replacement process. It is likely that your customers perceive your dealership to be a credible source of gaining knowledge and a place to make a sensible purchase.

Creates trust-based relationship
Customers’ growing trust is a positive sign in favor of your business. High quality and helpful content on the website enables the customer to identify you as a dependable source of information. You will prove to be trustworthy and credible and over a period of time, which will lead to relationships based upon this over time.

Your content marketing strategy helps you differentiate yourself from your competitors. Unlike others who concentrate more on ‘salesy’ content, if you focus on providing value to the customer, you will be the winner. It makes it clear to the visitors that you understand their needs and they trust your brand.

Studies show that close to 90% of automobile customers go online to make a purchasing decision. This proves the importance of content marketing in the current competitive market. It not only helps auto dealers provide an additional service to their customers, but acts as an effective marketing element to build long term relationships with their existing and new customers.