The Golden Keys Of Giving

Students of metaphysical philosophy, theologians, and gurus all have rather strong opinions on the subject of giving. Many ask if it’s a law needing to be observed, while others believe that it is a virtue of kindness which will bestow goodness on them wherever they walk because they choose to be givers. Which is it? Is it a Law or is it optional. The answer is it is both and more.

Some want to know if it will make them a better person, while others believe that what they give will aide to the development of humanity. As different philosophies and Spiritual paths have varying ideas on what giving should be, the common thread in all Spiritual Beliefs is, give as it is purposed in your heart, knowing and believing that it is better to give than to receive.

A person does not have to be particularly altruistic in their beliefs to partake in the wonders and miracles of giving. It is better to have a good attitude and kind heart when giving, but there are rewards for the person who chooses to abide by the Law of Giving, simply because it is a Law and they have experienced the rewards of obeying the Law.

Unfortunately there are those individuals who would rather know what it is that they are going to be out of. Often times these particular people, give with strings attached. This is the wrong attitude to take. You don’t have to be a perfect, flawless, and selfless human being to give, but what you must realize is that your rewards may not come from the person you supplied your goodness to. And those that respect the Law of Giving have come to realize that giving places them in a far greater position of always having more than enough because they have blessed humanity out of their excess.

Here are 3 Golden Keys of Giving that will assist you in understanding how this powerful Universal Law operates.

Golden Key #1: The Key Of Compassion

Giving comprises all good. Sometimes in life, people need to receive more than money. Sometimes, people need more than just material things to fill a void. For example, a man may be feeling lonesome, to the point of suicide. That individual may have just lost their entire family to some tragic accident. He becomes embittered and put off with life and decides things would be better for him, if he ended his life. He goes to a bridge, climbs over the rail and is about to jump. Suddenly a young girl sees this man in distress runs over to him and begs him not to jump and then offers him a check for $500.00…What? Guess what, the man will more than likely JUMP. Why? Because, the last thing he needed was a check for $500.00. He needed someone who he believed cared for him. He needed to be reminded of the precious gift of life and that his existence mattered.

Golden Key #2: The Key Of Currency

In another example, a struggling mother of four has just been notified that she will be evicted from her home, if her rent is not paid. A good neighbor friend of hers talks to the woman about her woes. This neighbor is a somewhat financially well off individual. After talking to the mother about her financial burden, she offers to bake the woman her favorite cake, so her and the children could have something sweet to eat…What? You do not have to be Freud to know that the last thing the woman needed was a cake? In this case, she needed some money.

Golden Key #3: The Key Of Love & Devotion

A young girl arrives home after school only to face her parents arguing over her grades. Burdened with overwhelming emotion of pain and disappointment; the teen retreats to her room the remainder of the evening. Neither one of the girl’s parents bothered to check on her or to discuss her progress in school with her. What the young girl needed from her parents was devotion, reassurance, and sometimes all people need for a time is a hug.

Staying flexible, being open to change, and looking for opportunities to give whatever is needed is a wonderful and miraculous way to operate in the flow of the Abundance of Giving. You may not necessarily receive what you need from the person you gave to, but give anyway. As Mother Teresa once said, it is between you and God anyway.