The Gift of Health

I regularly attend a Wednesday Bible Study on a weekly basis. I do it because it’s helping me to better understand what God’s plan is for me. I believe that we are all blessed with some kind of talent and it’s our job to find out what that is and then grow it.

In my own case I’ve been blessed with an ability to reach people through physical fitness and martial arts. It seems that people respond favorably to my instruction and are even comfortable when I make them uncomfortable and push them to new limits of training. After all, it’s what real growth is all about.

Just today I realized something. Getting people to work on their faith and getting people to work on their fitness are very similar in that people seem to fight both and have all kinds of excuses as to why they don’t work on getting closer to their creator and why they don’t try to get physically fit.

A while back I read a great book written by a man named Bruce Barton.The book is The Man That No One Knows. Barton was a very influential business leader of the 1920s and 30s. His book was about how Jesus Christ was the most influential business leader in the history of the world. He went on to explain that he took a rag tag group of 12 guys and helped those men spread Christianity to all corners of the world. Talk about a marketing plan.

Barton went on to say that the reason that Christ made such a big impact and why he was eventually crucified was that he told it like it was. He upset many people in his teaching because he made them uncomfortable.He told the truth. He said what needed to be said. He was bold.

I think it’s important for all of us to learn from his lessons. Speak up. Be bold. I’m going to use that example as my platform to explain my point about people burying their heads in the sand about their fitness or lack thereof.

We only get one chance. A while back I told you about a reader who mentioned that he had had bypass heart surgery, diabetes, and numerous other ailments that would have stopped most ordinary men or women from continuing on with their goal of being healthy. What a great example of heart, will, and persistence.

Are you doing anything to maintain and improve your fitness levels. If so , good for you. If not, what’s the hold up? Why is it that we in America wait until something goes broken before we decide to get off of our backsides and do something that might be good for us? It just doesn’t make any sense.

This holiday season try your best to give yourself and your family members the gift of health and give each other something that you could really enjoy together.

It’s important that you take care of your health. Give yourself a chance to feel the energy and spirit that an inspired workout can give you. Be thankful for the gift of your health and treat it with care and respect.

To your health and a wonderful holiday season.