The Future of the Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo Wii has captured the attention of millions of people around the word from kids to moms, grand parents, hard-core gamers and of course Zelda fans. But what is next for the Wii? Eventually the novelty will wear off and Nintendo will have to come up with new features and accessories to add to the Wii to keep the excitement alive. No other video game system has been anticipated with so much excitement and Nintendo is sure to keep the hype alive in the Wii’s future. How will they do it? The already exciting features of the Wii leave plenty of room for improvement and added fun.

Sure Nintendo can release the Wii in different colors or something lame like that but an “improvement” of that sort isn’t what fans are looking for. The already innovative features of the Wii like the Channels on the Wii menu and the true to life controls will be the areas Nintendo is bound to improve upon in the future. With channels on the Wii menu already in place that allow players to create Mii’s, 3D likenesses of themselves, view news, weather, photos, and connect with other people, it seems like Nintendo has all the bases covered. But future channels are being developed although at this time Nintendo is keeping quiet about the details.

Wii owners would love to see channels that allow users to monitor stocks, find movie show times at local theaters and view movie trailers and play demos of new games. The technology to incorporate feature like these exists so it is up to Nintendo to decide what direction they want to go. There is much speculation as to what new channels will be released and while no one knows for sure what types of channels Nintendo will release on the Wii menu in the future, they are bound to come up with some pretty cool stuff.

Another wish of many Wii owners is DVD capabilities. While both of the other two new video game systems have high definition DVD players already incorporated into their consoles, the Wii is the only one without this feature. It is rumored that newer versions of the system will incorporate a DVD player, fans won’t know for sure until Nintendo makes an official announcement but many fans already expect this upgrade.

What about all the future of games for the Wii? While only a few games currently available take full advantage of the unique controller, the fact that the Wii remote creates such lifelike control capabilities means that future games will surely be even more realistic. Nintendo has officially said that the Nintendo DS, a handheld video game system, will be able to connect to the Wii console making game play between both systems possible.

Only time will tell what Nintendo has in store for Wii fans. The already innovative video game system is sure to continue to gain popularity and Nintendo will continue to bring fans inventive new games and features for the Wii.