The fundamental need to create links to communicate at your best.

Copyright 2006 Emmanuel Segui

Others call it getting rapport. I call it creating links.

Let’s face it! Communicating is tough.

Have you ever asked yourself how you can get others to understand yourself easily? You thought: “This is so important, I don’t want them to misunderstand my meanings!”

Have you ever said to yourself: “He doesn’t understand a word of what I’m saying anyway!” with a feeling of disgust or criticism?

It’s like dialing a number, but dialing in the wrong order.

I’m sure you have felt this.

Dear friend, will you do me a favor?

Jot down 3 numbers for me… on a scale from 1 to 10, ten being the best, how would you rate these…

1. Your communication with your spouse or partner? 2. Your relationship with your children? 3. The effectiveness of understanding others and their point of view?

Now, what kind of difference would it make if you knew the keys that could unlock the tough doors of communication?

Okay, did you answer? Because knowing and using these keys on a daily basis is very possible, when you discover exactly how to create links to communicate at your best.

Without these keys, you can’t really learn superior communication.

The human potential is unlimited and good communication with your husband, your wife, daughter, son, friend or boss can definitively be achieved.

As a fact, studies show that 95% of unemployment is due to poor relationship and communication skills but only 5% are due to bad technical skills. Communication is vital to success.

Communication skills have the tremendous value of gaining a leadership position, a manager’s position or a successful marriage; they are priceless.

Learning superior communication is the ultimate security in a very un-secure world. Your ability to achieve effective communication through the power of language is truly the equivalent of modern day alchemy.

It’s like transforming lead into gold.

When you master interpersonal communication skills and create links with others, you can accelerate a career, make better profits, attract more clients, build customer relationships of trust, gain expert recognition, produce high impact, avoid a divorce or deal with it positively.

Imagine the feeling of confidence you’ll have knowing how to create a positive impact on other people’s life and get your ideas across the first time.



So what kind relationship do you want to save?

And with whom do you want to create links?

Because when I understood that the first key to effective communication is to know myself, I couldn’t believe it.

You see, most people think that it’s the other person’s fault. “He doesn’t understand! He’s stupid or what? Didn’t I explain it to him twice; I can’t believe how slow he is? He’s too emotional”.

The mistake most people make is that they judge others who are created differently and thus communicate differently thinking and feeling that the other person is wrong, inept, lazy, rude, sloppy, or tense.

Communication is the response you get.

Wrong response? Then change your strategy. You just communicated the wrong way.

Suddenly, the point of focus has changed. It is not about them anymore, it is about you!

When you integrate that and make it your train of thought, you begin to act and think like a master achiever and great communicator.

Imagine being one of them.

Trust me, they knew that key a long time ago. That’s what lead them where they are now. They know themselves, understand others, their needs, their wants and are instantly capable of meeting them. And they got the sale, the raise, and the respect.

Knowing yourself is the number one key for effective communication. When you understand your communication style and how you perceive the world around you, you are on your way to being a great communicator.