The Free IQ Experiment

Free IQ is a new site –still in the beta stage– that may revolutionize the way people access information on the internet. It is free to join, and all members can both access and upload content. The focus is on material that contains valuable information of some kind.

Free IQ already has quite a bit of content; the favored medium seems to be video. It is not a direct competitor of something like YouTube, where most of the videos are for purely entertainment purposes. Free IQ is meant to be a virtual knowledge center. So far, there are quite a few articles and videos pertaining to internet marketing. This is, no doubt, because internet marketers were among the first to see the site’s potential. The format, however, is meant to accommodate expertise in just about any field.

Everyone who uses Free IQ has a voice in the ranking of material. So when someone does a search, the top listings are those that the most people found helpful. This is a more democratic approach to ranking, as opposed to the usual search engines, which are often controlled by the marketers with the largest budget. This is in line with Free IQ’s goal to be content-driven.

Visually, the home page at Free IQ appears to be a typical search engine. The logistics of the system, however, are designed to bring up more focused and valuable content than a typical search. Every member also has a bio page and a place to start a mailing list, making Free IQ a social network as well as an informational site.

There is also a two-tier affiliate program which is free to join. This means affiliates earn commissions on anything purchased by those who sign up under them, and also on the second level; that is, they earn commissions on sales made by affiliates of their affiliates.

While much of the site is commercial or business-oriented, the interesting thing about it is the amount of free content (as the name implies). While most of the free content, not surprisingly, points to something that ultimately costs money, there is quite a bit of valuable information being given away. While the net is full of free stuff, most of that is trivia, as opposed to useful knowledge.

As a new endeavor, the future of FreeIQ is uncertain. It’s something of an experiment that either will or won’t take off. As I can see the potential for a vast and diverse site full of interesting content, I’m hoping more people will join the experiment and move it in all kinds of unpredictable directions.