The Four Cs When Choosing a Ring

The Four C’s

The most basic thing to remember when searching for that perfect diamond for that perfect person is that all diamonds are rated and priced according to a system called the 4 C’s. the four C’s are: cut, clarity, carat, and color. Each of the C’s has its own system of ranking, which we will discuss in this article in more detail.

As with any big purchase, it is important that you spend ample time researching your options before you purchase that perfect engagement ring. You need to know that she has a high probability of saying yes, sure. But you also want to know that you are purchasing the best possible ring for her tastes. After all, this is a purchase that you will hopefully only have to make once. She will bear the honor of wearing your ring for the rest of her life, so make sure it’s a ring that you would be proud to have her wear.

Now, here’s an overview of each of the four C’s. More information is, of course, available from a certified diamond jeweler.

Cut: There are more than half a dozen cuts for your diamond. Each shape accents the hand in a different way. The most popular cut is the round, which is literally, a diamond with a rounded top. The least popular cut is the pear-shaped cut. In recent years, the princess diamond has grown in popularity, largely due to the Tiffany’s retailer. The marquis is an elongated oval shape that many women prefer because it not only makes the hand look slimmer, but it makes the diamond appear to be larger.

Clarity: The clarity of the diamond means literally the clarity of the diamond. The more clear the diamond, the more light will be reflected through the angles of it. Many times, the difference in clarity is so minute that it is tough for the average person to recognize. However, if you want to ensure that you purchase a diamond of the highest clarity, then it is important to consult a trained jeweler to help you select the best option.

Carat: The higher the carat, the heavier the diamond, and thus, the more expensive. Most women prefer to have about one carat on their fingers, though it is entirely a matter of personal preference.

Color: The color of the diamond is affected by the clarity and the cut. The higher the clarity, the better the color. It is important that you spend time looking over your options for diamonds to observe how colors can be so different.