The first step to meditation

Everybody knows the not feeling-so-well status. Several problems causes that restless feeling in your mind and body. The moments that you don’t feel restless are the moments you have for yourself by yourself and during vacation time. There you become aware of the nicest things in life. On those days you feel there’s a balance between body and mind. This is the feeling you want to have and obtain for a longer period of time.

Well let me reveal there are simple exercises which you can do to obtain that good feeling.
Of course it doesn’t become great the first day or week. You have to work for it. Repeat the exercises and you become aware of that great feeling. The more you repeat the better you’re going to feel.

The first thing you have to do to obtain a better balance is to get in touch with your inner self.
One of the ways to do so is by meditation. Meditation is not a difficult thing to do. Just by taking a moment for yourself you’re doing some meditation already.

Well lets get started right a way. Find a quite place in your home where you will not be disrupt by kids, partner or phone. Just sit comfortably on a chair and close your eyes. Put your feet flat on the ground and let your arms rest beside you. Keep your shoulders down and relax.
Keep your eyes closed and clear your head. Every thought that comes up you make it go a way by telling to yourself: “not now”.

Start with taking a deep slowly abdominal breath and slowly exhale. Repeat this several times. Are you getting more relax already. If you do just go on. This is the start for further meditation moments. Become aware of that more relaxed feeling. Keep those thoughts away. By doing so you make a better contact with yourself. All this just takes you a couple minutes a day. When you do this exercise repeatedly you will experience that it takes less effort every time you start. By doing so you spend more valuable time with yourself in the benefit for you.

After each meditation you feel more relaxed. That’s a good feeling but you also need to get more energetic to face the moments you’re slightly feeling down. Therefore you can use the following exercise.

Stand up strait and raise both arms. Take a deep breath and when you exhale start bending moving your arms towards the ground. Come back up and raise your arms again. Put your chest forward and say words like : “I feel good today “. Lower your arms put them on your hips, make some turns rotating both left and right way. Raise your arms again and repeat those energetic words you came up with. How do you feel now. Better? Good ! Keep up with your exercises and start feeling better and better.

Both exercises only take five or ten minutes each day. After a while you might meditate longer then a few minutes. If you do enjoy those minutes. It’s for the benefit of you.

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