The first pillar of any successful and extraordinary life.

Copyright 2006 Emmanuel Segui

I’m going to show you how powerful it is to create and clarify a vision for your life, your organization or business.

You’ll see that only 3 to 4 people out of a hundred have a definite vision or purpose for their life. And it’s a fact that these people live an extraordinary and successful life.

A lot of successful people have varying opinions but they all agreed to what I’m about to tell you. You need to create a vision or a purpose for your life, a vision that will propel you to new heights of success, fame and happiness. A vision so compelling that you can’t get it out of your mind. A vision based on your passion that will determine every action you take in your future. A vision so powerful that it will change your life and other people’s as well.

So let’s clarify your own vision to design and live your own extraordinary life.

You can literally attract everything you want by becoming an attractive person and having remarkable thoughts. Thoughts attract things into your life. The more powerful they are, the more you will attract.

Let’s discover how to attract success, fame and happiness now.

So for our framework, we are going to use a model that was created about 20 years ago. This model involves several levels that you will need to know in order to be totally aligned and that will ensure your success and freedom.

The first level is the level of the vision or purpose.

This is the highest level.

Then comes the level of your mission, your role, your identity and self esteem

Third is the level of your beliefs and values. This is what is important in your life and how you can strengthen your beliefs to reach your vision.

Fourth is the level of the strategies you will put in place to reach your vision. What kind of activities you want to be involved in? You need to understand that to master yourself and reach your vision; you need to master your emotions.

The fifth level represents the actions you will take, today, tomorrow and the day after to accomplish what you’re meant for.

And finally, the last level is all about the power of influence and the kind of environment you want to be in order to maximize your chances of success.

What is important to note in this model is that making a change at a lower level may, but not necessarily, affect an upper level. However, a change at an upper level will have a distinct impact on the levels below it.

This simply implies that the more powerful your vision, which is the higher level, the more successful you will be. The stronger your self–esteem and your beliefs in yourself will be.

The easier it will be for you to learn how to master your emotions, set goals and change your limiting beliefs.

This is powerful and this is the secret: defining and clarifying your vision and purpose will have the greatest impact in all areas of your life.

The vision becomes the focus and according to the laws of the subconscious mind, you invariably attract what you focus on.

Defining and clarifying your own vision is the first and most important pillar of a successful and happy life.