The First Bigger Hitter In Genetic Development: Androgens

Androgens have been shown to create new muscle growth in multiple ways, both by increasing protein synthesis (filling up your muscle balloons) and increasing the differentiation of satellite cells (making more muscle balloons). That makes them the ultimate starting point for a genetic anabolic cocktail. Make no mistake; nothing else mentioned in this book will help you grow like androgens, as they are the basic building block for increasing muscle size and strength. increasing muscle size and strength. All other things only serve to enhance androgens. So whether you use a natural testosterone booster or a pro-hormone or real juice, you need the basics to build your genetic house.

What are androgens? Quite simply they are testosterone and its derivatives, both legal and illegal. Guess when your body produces the most testosterone? You got it, puberty! That’s why you can gain mad muscle cells if you simply work out and eat right when you are in high school. Eating right is important because your body isn’t going to make new muscle cells if it doesn’t have the protein to fill up the ones it already has (which is why so many high school students work out without results). Growing muscle during puberty happens in the kitchen, not just the gym, but that is another book.

Androgens are the most potent muscle builders you can take. Luckily with our products you get the best of both worlds, increased androgen production without the negative side effects that SCARE the hell out of most people. You can start small and use something like Formadrol Extreme or you can jump up to our prohormones (Liquid Masterdrol and Methyl 1-D) or you can go the illegal route and hit juice (we don’t recommend this by the way). People doing our Trifecta Stack are routinely hitting 8-12lbs of muscle in a month without losing their gains. If you juice, you can probably increase that to 15-17lbs but when you grow that quickly, you rarely keep your gains. Slow, steady gains might not feel as exciting, but they are the way to build a body, not an ego! The combination of Stanolone (Liquid Masterdrol) plus Testosterone (Methyl 1-D) is a very powerful combination and gives you the ULTIMATE in safety and also gives REAL gains that you would see from a SANE steroid cycle, without the negatives!

So, how do you get a spike in androgens? Many ways… The first way is to use an herbal product that typically will trick your body into increasing output of Luteinizing Hormone. These were made popular with products like Tribulusä and have come a long way with the advent of newer ingredients like Long Jackä and others out on the market. Some of them, like Horny Goat Weedä only serve to boost sex drive and have not been shown to enhance testosterone production.

Another way is to use a natural testosterone booster like LG Sciences Formadrol Extremeä, which tricks your body into producing more testosterone by blocking estrogen in the body. This can give you levels above even the very highest natural range (a normal man ranges from 250 ng/dl of testosterone to 900 ng/dl). Formadrol Extremeä and similar products trick your body into producing more testosterone and can be very useful as a natural anabolic booster, getting your testosterone levels into the 1400ng/dl range. It is also great for Post Cycle Therapy after a steroid or pro-hormone cycle. They are also useful in combating gynecomastia, commonly called “bitch tits”.

The third way to boost your androgen levels is the use of pro-hormones. First made popular by “Andro”, pro-hormones use the basic building blocks of testosterone to force your body into producing more testosterone through the action of enzymes. The first generation of testosterone boosters, like Andro, had tons of side effects and didn’t work very well. Newer pro-hormones like 1-AD were better, but were still not up to the full value of a steroid cycle. The latest crop of pro-hormones, like Methyl-1-Dä and Liquid Masterdrol by LG Sciences, reduce the side effects, prolong the half-life in the body and reduce conversion to unwanted, side effect producing by-products like Estrogen. The use of pro-hormones can give you testosterone levels that rival even the strongest steroids, raising your testosterone levels to 3000-3500 ng/dl if used properly.

Methyl-1-Dä from LG Sciences is a pro-hormone that is formulated to reduce side effects, provide maximum safety and give you AMAZING results. It’s the real basis for our genetics-changing stack. For a more advanced stack, use Liquid-Masterdrolä along with Methyl-1-Dä for the best possible combination of prohormones that hit both the more androgenic (Liquid Masterdrolä) and more anabolic (Methyl 1-Dä) aspects of growth. Methyl 1-D is available from


The fourth way to boost androgen levels is to use artificial illegal steroids to boost your testosterone levels above even the highest legal levels that pro-hormones can give. I am not here to make a value statement about steroids, but I am just pointing out the option to anyone that is in a foreign country that allows steroid use or is using androgens with a doctor’s prescription.

We highly suggest that you do not use illegal anabolic steroids for obvious reasons and we hope that you respect the law and your body by using natural substances that are safer alternatives. If you do use steroids however, we recommend that you do so safely, cycling off them for at least a month at a time, taking supplements like Fish Oil to cleanse your liver and reduce the chance of cardiovascular side effects. Now, that being said, steroids are obviously not that dangerous, since prescription compounds, such as Testosterone Gel, are being pushed as the next great development (never mind that the Testosterone Gels on the market are loaded with side effects including conversion to DHT which aggravates the prostate and estrogen that can promote breast cancer, even in men). Once the root of all evil, steroids are suddenly completely safe and side effect free when turned into a prescription drug. Wake up people! Again, we don’t encourage you to use steroids, but if you do, please consider doing them safely (there is a section at the end of good supplements to take with steroids that will offer some nice protection from their side effects).

So, if you are going to do a cycle of steroids, this is the perfect time to add in some serious genetic expression supplements to maximize your growth. One of the funniest things I see is the juice crowd bashing the supplement crowd, when in reality someone on a cycle will probably benefit the most from proper supplementation.

Studies show that androgens do indeed cause genetic changes that can benefit powerlifters and bodybuilders.

Here you see how increasing testosterone through natural boosting, pro-hormones or illegal anabolic steroids can vastly increase satellite muscle cell expression. This is the first real pathway that the body uses to increase muscle size and the number of muscle cells. By increasing the raw number of satellite cells, testosterone is the foundation of our genetic altering arsenal.

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