The Fear in Religion

Fear of the new or the unknown, is the crippling force that is holding humanity back from moving to its next period of evolution. It is self evident that 84% of the world’s population is not ready for the move.

Only 16% of the world has an alternative view from religion – they are the free thinkers who have chosen to think outside the box. It is this 16% who do not live in fear within religion that will move humanity out of the box it now finds itself in. Religion does not tolerate outside views, and it is religion that has kept humanity chained to the fear of leaving it – “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.” Humanity has a need to believe in something, and religion capitalized on the fear of the unknown to keep its supporting members.

The world has made huge advances in technology, but has remained stale mated when it comes to knowing itself, its purpose, were it came from, and where it’s going. It also seems inconceivable that mankind has been her now for 100′ s of thousands or even millions of years and in on the last 100 years has discovered the electric light bulb, automobiles and cel phones. Humanity has clearly demonstrated that it does not advance very fast. Where did all these recent discoveries come from? Has the technology been given to us, and are we being guided?

Religion has held us back, because it worked for the Churches. Evolution would automatically turn people away from the churches, because the church does not grow by its very nature. Religion disempowered its people so that they would remain loyal and committed. There is little else in the human experience that people will defend more fiercely even when its evil is exposed. The need to believe is much greater than what one can reason. Wise and powerful people use religion to get what they want and it would not serve them to promote change in doctrine.

Once a person has been disempowered the only thing they have left to hang on to is fear. Fear is the cement that binds and holds one in place, there is no possible escape. For a measure of personal security for its followers, and a promise of eternal damnation; the world’s religions have held back the world’s population in a place in time that is going nowhere. One cannot think outside the box, while they are inside the box. One can deny that they are in the box as their thoughts and actions always give them away – they always return to the box and support their old beliefs. Words can be manipulated and often do not reflect one’s actions. You may be able to speak in a different language, but until you are able to think in that language, you cannot experience it fully.

Many people do not like what I write about, because it causes them to re-evaluate their beliefs, and they don’t like to be challenged. But I do not challenge any belief – all beliefs are valid and appropriate they simply demonstrate what a person is thinking in the moment. What I do is bring to the table an opportunity for change, for something better, and I support empowerment and personal responsibility for one’s own power. No one should ever be condemned for what they believe. If what you believe is bringing you everything that you desire, you would be foolish to change. However, humans are explorers by nature, and if your belief system is holding you back, then you are being held captive by your own thoughts.

Any life affirming religion would empower its members to transcend what it teaches, to become greater than the master, to exceed the limitations of its doctrine. The student must always become the teacher and the teacher the student if it has any value for the future. But this is not possible in religion by its very nature as an end unto itself.

The anthropomorphic old guy with a beard and gray hair who lives in a place called Heaven exists only in your mind and it is what you were taught and because you are afraid to believe otherwise, you have accepted it, by freedom of choice. The world at large believes and created that truth and is made captive by it. God does not live in your body or anywhere else. You are the creator, you are the power to whom you pray to, and you are the centre of the universe. Your world is created by you, for you and because of you. You are the embodiment of all you consider God to be – you are God, and all things are.

Now take that concept and think about it, use it to re-evaluate and reaffirm your present beliefs or use it as a stepping stone to move to the next step. Accept it or reject it because it works or does not work for you, not because you are afraid of it. If unconditional love and unconditional freedom are concepts that you want to experience in your life, then does this new idea work for you – does it pave the way for you to work outside the box? Does it elevate you to a new place of awareness and enlightenment or does it bring you back to where you already are?

A gun in your hand pointed at your head cannot hurt you until you pull the trigger. It is not the gun that kills; it is your thought at the moment you take action on the thought. An idea is just an ideal until it is acted upon. You have nothing to fear from exploring an idea. Some ideas will work for you while others won’t. The thought of holding a gun to your head, is an opportunity for you to evaluate your life and make changes one way or the other. The fact that you got into this position tells you that your current thoughts aren’t working for you. It is an opportunity for you to try something radically different.

Man does not fear being powerless, he experiences it. What man fears the most is the knowledge of his own personal power, of whom he is and what he is capable of. Man uses religion to disempower himself so that he does not have to take responsibility for what he creates and he doesn’t even do it consciously. He creates religions and circumstances that do it for him subconsciously. It is what we have been taught since birth – can we believe anything else?

Try this whenever you are questioned by others or even yourself. When the question comes up about you believing in God or a higher power, answer this way – I believe in me and my power to create all that I desire and experience. I am the creator of all that I experience in this lifetime – there is no one else. I am that higher power and the embodiment of all that I know God to be. Feel the empowerment in those words or the fear that comes from saying the words. You will know immediately what motivates you.

It is not my intention, and never will be, to change the world. I believe it is perfect just the way it is. It is a giant buffet of opportunities that you may choose from. It is your perception of the world that you have control over.

It is the 600 free channels on your TV plus the pay-per-view that you are now experiencing. It is about a life experienced by freedom of choice and not fear. Even in your darkest hour, you will always have a choice because you create your experience through a thought made manifest, and a life lived in fear or freedom.