The electronic dart board, the safer way to play darts

The electronic dart board just gets better and better. The original boards came out in the 1990’s and caused a lot of controversy at the time that still goes on today. The purists hate them saying it isn’t “proper darts”, but no one can deny their popularity. The big advantages are that the electronic game is safer and a lot more convenient than the traditional game. The darts have plastic tips so they are less dangerous and are much less likely to put holes in your wall and I think most of us appreciate the automatic scoring, especially for the Cricket game

There are now two types of electronic dart board around, the standard board with hundreds of holes in it and the new so called “BristleTech” board, which is similar to the standard bristle boards so you can use both steel tip darts and soft tips, and it still has the electronics to do all the scoring for you as well. This is truly the best of both worlds and is surely the way of the future.

The latest from Halex is the Armada Bristletech dartboard that has a laser that marks out the throw line for you! So you get to use whatever darts you like and the built in laser shows you where to throw from as well, fantastic! So both types of darts players can make use of this board. You never know, it might just make an appearance in the Las Vegas Classic one day.

There are standard wall mounted boards and the arcade style that doesn’t need to be set up, as they are free standing and the board is already mounted for you at the correct height. (Great! no drilling) The electronic dart boards are now so cheap as well, you can get an entry level board with just a few games and lights on the board for just $50 up to $300 for the home arcade style of dart board that has all the bells and whistles you could possibility want.

Be aware the wall version of the electronic dart board is larger than their bristle type cousins , so if you get a cabinet for it, make sure you get a bigger one to put it in. Just check when you get a cabinet for one, that an electronic board will fit in it, they usually say if they will fit the bigger electronic dartboards in the specifications of the cabinet.