The Different Types Of A Mystery Shopping Job

The Different Types Of A Mystery Shopping Job
Tick The Box Report Mystery Shopping

This sort of analysing was bought in over 50 years ago when mystery shopping was just starting out. It is now classed as old school in some places as there is only your word that what you say from memory is correct, but this method is still being used today and has been inserted in to the technological age i.e. by taken online Surveys you have a list of questions and you must tick what one applies to you.

Email Questionairs

Every one gets email it is not what you want some times but consumers are at the top of there game getting there information to compete in the rival war. Now that you can buy your shopping online this process aims to get your views. And avoid the cost of obtaining a mystery shopper. Be aware that spoof emails are growing in numbers along with Spam attacks. And will only need to be opened to cause you problems.

Telephone Mystery Shopping

Not all of the time will you find a mystery shopper in store some times you get the telephone call to evaluate the customer care on the help desk or any part of a company that has a customer service that you can call this is a good way to conduct a report of how you was treated by the staff and how helpful they were. A mystery shopper does not just go in to shops they can be anywhere that have customer service i.e. restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, public transport, and even travel air lines. So you really cannot tell when there is one about.

The New Age Mystery Shopping

As the new technological era is upon us the consumers need a better and more advanced way of getting a competitive edge for the basis of service quality and shopping experience for customer focus. There’s a need for a better way to accumulate and monitor the reporting of customer service and this is how video mystery shopping comes in to play. With the use of a microscopic video camera in a covert operation, can catch the shoppers full shop experience first hand and determine what tasks need to be improved upon. This gives you the chance to look at the strengths and weaknesses in the organisation that saves time and resources with the implementing of the training strategies.

View The Reality

By being able to here and see how you’re floor staff and the management cope and handle the day-to-day running of their store and how they interact with the public. See the report has it happens and pin point what needs to be changed. The advantage of this sort of feedback can be used to accommodate in training sessions when obtaining new staff to have an exceptionally team if a customer is happy the store will profit and your reputation will soar.

Customer View Point
As a customer may not always complain about how they were treated it is good to try to keep a good rapport with them as one bad experience can lead to the loss of more than one person as word of mouth can go a long way .