The Different Tastes of Maldives Holiday

Ask anyone who loves traveling and they would tell you that one of the things they like most when in a new place is that they get the chance to taste outstanding and really delectable cuisine of the places they visit. Each country has its own specialty but what makes each different is how they specialty is prepared and served. This is what makes the Maldives a perfect destination when you are after a gastronomical holiday. Read through and have a taste of what a Maldives holiday is like!

Because the Maldives is surrounded of water, it is not surprising to find out that fish, particularly tuna, is the most prominent and most important element of a Maldivian cuisine. However, because many travelers around the world visit the place, new vegetables, seasonings and spices were introduced to the island, adding more taste and flavor to the existing and limited repertoire of the Maldives’ seafood and tubers. Each addition and new discoveries were perfectly incorporated in the diet that is most palatable and appetizing to the Maldivian taste buds.

Therefore, the Maldivian cuisine is now the perfect summary and combination of the Indian, Arabic, Sri Lankan and Oriental tastes deliciously blended into a perfectly unique cuisine making up a culinary identity that is truly Maldivian.

Aside from the different cuisines mentioned above, other diverse international cuisines like Thai and continental cuisine are also available in the different resorts in the islands of the Maldives. Most of these resorts have more than one restaurant and caf? to choose from. Despite the heavy influence of other cuisines in the island, the Maldivian cuisine retains its particular and idiosyncratic flavor with a long-lasting effect.

If you are worried that the Maldivian cuisine might ruin your figure for a nice swim at the beach, you can go for a light snack in the coffee shops in the resorts. Moreover, if you are spending your holiday in one of the many live-aboard vessels in the Maldives, you will surely find the dishes the restaurants serve. Since the Maldives is a Muslim country, it would be impossible to find pork dishes and alcoholic beverages so it would be a good idea to visit one of those live-aboard vessels in the Maldives if you are craving for the dishes prohibited in the island.

If you are looking for a different experience, the best place to visit is the island’s capital, Male. Most hotels, guesthouses and restaurants in the capital serve eastern and western specialties in addition to the continental, traditional and some local dishes. The cafes in the capital, more commonly known as hotaa, is the perfect place if you look forward to savoring the local tastes.

Also, you will never completely taste the Maldives holiday without trying out the hedika – the Maldivian short eats. Many of these may only be tasted in the Maldives and they come in spicy, sweet and sour varieties.

Indeed, the taste of a Maldives holiday is a fusion of tradition, diversity, uniqueness, and perfection. Look around the island and what you can see is a perfect beauty that is yet to be discovered when you visit the Maldives and visit each and every restaurant and what awaits you is the cuisine that is yet to be discovered by your very own taste buds.

That’s the perfect taste of a Maldives holiday!