The Different States Behind Brainwave Entrainment

Every person on Earth experiences natural brainwave rhythms on a day-to-day basis. However, if a person can tap into their theta/alpha state more times throughout the day, they can experience enhanced creativity and serenity.

The range of about 2-8hz means a person s extremely relaxed, and a person is more awake and alert around 25-35hz.

The lowest brainwave state is called ‘Delta,’ which ranges from about 1-3 hz. This is where your brain will tend to cycle while your are in a very deep sleep called REM sleep, and this can be a dreamless state or your dreams that you do have will be difficult to remember.

Some people who spend lots of time meditating are capable of reaching the delta state while remaining aware of their surroundings. If you can reach this state, you will experience vivid imagery, powerful visualizations, and an unrivaled sense of calm and well-being.

One step up from delta is the ‘Theta’ brainwave state, which is in the 3-7hz range. You will experience this level during serene meditation or during a dreamy, light sleep. Some of the best and most vivid dreams that people have occur in the theta state, and it is easier to remeber dreams from theta. It is easier to reach this level during meditation than it is to reach delta, and the imagery and creativity you feel during this state will be no less dramatic.

‘Alpha’ is what some people refer to as the magical, intuitive state. Of the different brainwave levels that a person can reach during relaxation, meditation and contmplation, alpha is probably the best for manifesting your desires, solving any problems you may have in your life, and increasing your intuition and creativity.

If you do about 1 hour or more of alpha meditation per day while wearing headphones, perhaps at the times of the day when you are naturally relaxed such as just after waking in the morning or just before bed, you will feel a sense of calm and serenity that will last long after the meditation is over.

Eventually, after you become experienced with alpha, you will exude a sense of knowingness, confidence, and serenity all the time that will make people naturally attracted to you ad want to be around you more. You will have a much easier time getting job promotions, finding new lovers, and creating new friendly relationships with new people. Now you can see why people refer to alpha as the magic state!

During the day when we are awake and alert, we experience the ‘Beta’ brainwave state. There is very little imagnation or creativity in this state since it is centered mostly on the left, non-intuitive portion of the human brain. Also, if a person is worrying or is under stress, their brainwave activity will be very high, somewhere around 35hz.

Now we all reach these different brainwave states naturally, but there is a technology called brainwave entrainment that can allow a person to reach the theta and alpha states even faster. This can allow for dramatic improvements in a person’s life faster than they ever thought possible.