The definition of the believe factor

Copyright 2006 llbglobal

What is your believe factor? Many people ask me what I am actually meaning when I talk about the believe factor. First I should probably lay some groundwork. Many psychologists such as Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud recognized that all humans really have two voices in their heads. One voice is the one we typically recognize as our conscious voice. This is the voice that we use in our everyday lives. When we speak with other people or when we are consciously thinking we are using this voice. But there is another voice that is much quieter inside our selves. The deception is that the inner voice although it may seem quiet and most of us completely ignore it anyways is actually running the show.

Our inner voice or our “Self” is what is really making the decisions and creating the reality which we perceive. It is this voice that will autosuggest things to us without us being aware most of the time. In order to manifest and create our day it is the inner voice that we must become aware of and learn to control.

Like a computer, our inner voice will serve up many things to our conscious minds because it thinks that is what we wish to experience. The problem is that the inner voice does not have a perception of morals or right or wrong. It will only suggest things that directly tie us to an emotion. A computer will make calculated assumptions based on previous user input to anticipate our next move. So the computer calls up potential possibilities in an effort to make a program load faster. Our mind will do this exact same thing based on what it has experienced in the past. If an emotion feels good and we want to experience it more often, our mind will serve it up to us whether we are aware of it or not.

So how to you become aware of this inner mind and therefore take some control away from it? The answer is very simple, however most people have a very hard time actually putting it into practice. I want you to imagine for a moment that it is exactly 24 hours from this very moment that you are reading this article. Imagine that you are sitting at your computer desk reading this article thinking about what this all means. Now shift your future awareness back to today. If you imagine it’s tomorrow and you are sitting there thinking about what you did yesterday (Really today) now you are seeing what you did the day before from a future point of view. This is how you are able to reflect on what your inner mind is up too.

Now comes the fun part. How do you control your inner mind? Imagine that you feel like crap, your day has been going badly or something bad has happened to you recently. Ask yourself in this very moment why you should continue to feel bad? By placing yourself in the now, you are consciously blocking the inner voice from serving up anything. You ask yourself, “Why do I feel bad in this very moment”? There is never a real answer to the question so it makes it easy to rationalize that you shouldn’t feel bad. This is the point that you consciously choose to select a better feeling place. When you learn to listen to the thoughts your inner mind serves up, you have the ability to select one of many possible outcomes. By not choosing to feel bad you are simply letting go of the situation and allowing the universe to handle it for you. This is critical because without you realizing it you are making a conscious choice to think differently and that’s how you are able to create a different reality for yourself. Simply wishing for change will not bring change. But when you continually force yourself to be in the now you are taking control and deciding what is best for you. Remember that your inner mind does not care about the rational world it only knows from past experience. Our goal is to move out of these past experiences and into a better place. This is the only way to manifest a life that you desire to have. Take control of your inner self and take control of your life. Then and only then will you have what I call “The believe Factor”.