The Dangers of Anti-Depressants

April 16, 2007; Blacksburg, Virginia: Seung-Hui Cho goes on a rampage, killing 33 and wounding more than 2 dozen students. A search of his belongings reveals he was using anti-depressants.

April 20, 1999; Littleton, Colorado: Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, armed with knives, guns and bombs kill 13 students at Columbine High School and wound 23 before killing themselves. Eric Harris was taking Luvox. Dylan’s medical records were suppressed.

Just two of numerous incidents where the perpetrators were sedated on anti-depressant drugs. The FDA requires SSRIs carry a black box label warning about the risk of suicidal tendencies and violence especially in teen aged youths. Murder, suicide and bizarre behavior is linked to anti-depressants. Despite these dangers, doctors continue to prescribe these drugs on a consistent basis.

September 14, 1989: Joseph Wesbecker went to work sporting an AK-47 and killed 8 employees and wounded 12 before committing suicide. He was taking Prozac.

Of course, young people aren’t the only ones to suffer the mind-altering effects of anti-depressants. Murder and violence have occured in the workplace too. The perpetrators can be full-grown adults.

November 14, 1991: Thomas McIlvane, an ex-postal worker shot 9 people and killed three at his former workplace. He shot himself in the head. He was taking Prozac.

With so many facts you have to wonder why such drugs are still on the market. Despite the mounting evidence, some states require children be tested for depression so they can be prescribed anti-depressants. No one is immune, not even the elderly!

January 10, 2001: 81-year-old Anthony Dalesandro stabbed his wife with a kitchen knife while she was sleeping. They’d been married 50 years. He was taking several medications including Prozac.

Such violence isn’t limited to shootings and stabbings. Arson has been one of the major acts of violence where innocent people burned to death.

April 2, 1997: Christopher Hogan and his cousin set fire to an apartment building where three people died. Chris was taking Prozac and Ritalin.

What does it take for America to realize the danger of these drugs? There are alternatives. Depression can be treated naturally with St. John’s Wort with no side effects. Yet no one stands up and sound the alarm while many people die at the hands of drug infused relatives and friends.

November 16, 2005: Frank Sanabria attacks police with a 15 inch kitchen knife. He was shot dead. He had just been prescribed Wellbutrin.

There’s only one reason why such dangerous drugs are still on the shelf. They pull in billions of dollars for the drug companies that manufacture them. And a cash cow Big Pharma is not willing to give up so easily. When it comes to a choice between preserving life or making unheard of profits, Big Pharma is prepared to ignore the evidence. Big Pharma is engaging in criminal activity.

April 14, 2000: Elizabeth Cooper, a respected teacher, sets 15 fires and committed a string of robberies over a two-week period. She ran her car into a house. It was found that she had been taking anti-depressants over that same two week period.

We have laws against drinking and driving. We have independent review boards that look into the details of why a plane goes down killing its passengers. Yet no one looks into why violent behavior kills so many.

March 10, 1998: Jeffrey Franklin killed his parents with a hatchet and tried to murder three of his siblings. He was taking Ritalin, Prozac and Klonopin

The frightening thing, of course, is that you likely know a friend or family member who is using anti-depressants. Whether you prefer to think about it,you could be the next victim of a bizarre murder/suicide by a close relative high on drugs.

Unless something is done, more people will die needlessly.

Having doubts about it? Check out the site below and read some 600 occurrences since 2000.

Copyright (c) 2007 Mario Carini