The Cultural Center Of The World

Our fast-paced modern lifestyle rarely allows us to take a break, catch our breath, and just look around. Frequently, we find ourselves rushing forward, until even those brief breaks known as ‘vacations’ are just long enough to begin to relax, before we are immediately pushed back into the constant bustle of work.

For someone who has been working their entire adult life, retirement can come as something of a shock. To suddenly have so much free time, with no work to fill it up… At first, you just want to relax. Take a break. Maybe do all those things you’ve always said you would do. Now you can start that book you always meant to write, learn to play the lute, catch up with old acquaintances. Whatever it is.

But in the end, it’s just make-work. You are filling your days with effort, out of the habits forged from a life time of struggle. The best thing to do, is to move. Leave the city, the country, you have always known and travel somewhere a little different. Somewhere filled with beauty, both natural and man made. Somewhere you can relax in peace, a gentle evening after a long days work.

Costa del Sol is this place. A true center of art and culture, the southern coast of Spain has taken a prominent position on the world map. This is largely because it is host to Spains third largest city, Malaga, which is quickly taking the place of Paris as the city to visit. Malaga itself is steeped in over 3000 years of history, and it shows. Within the city you can find many examples of marvels long past, such as the Alcazabar, a 15th century Moorish fort, a fading echo of long gone glory.

Of course, you may not have an interest in historical splendor. In that case, don’t worry, for there is plenty of modern delights to attract and engage you. For instance, take a look at the museum of Picasso. Now, you may not have an interest in Picasso per se, but you cannot deny his impact on modern art. And the museum of Picasso in Malaga is one of the greatest such museums in Europe. Besides this, you have a plethora of theatres to visit, and a wide selection of other entertainments such as classy restaurants, to choose from. And then, if you ever wish to escape this very modern world, you have only to glance outside the city. The scenery is incredible.

Tall mountains cast a spell of grandeur over the nearby countryside, a beautiful contrast to the sparkling, crystal clear seas, and white beaches. Across the water can be glimpsed the coast of Africa, another continent tantalizingly just beyond reach. If natural sights are not your interest, you will undoubtedly admire all the more the brilliant white “sugar cube” villages, perched precariously on the edges of the mountains.

If you ever get bored of the city, and want something just a little more adventurous, there are dozens of golf courses right nearby, for which the area is justly famous. Given the range of them, and the gentle weather generally found there, you are practically guaranteed to have somewhere to gold at any time of the year. If you can ever find the time, of course, with so much else to do!

So if you are looking for somewhere to retire, or even just a nice break from the routine, I would definitely recommend you head down to Costa del Sol- the newest cultural center of the world.