The Crucial Parent-Teen Relationship

Enjoy them now, they’ll soon be teenagers!” Warnings like this from friends and relatives, together with media images of adolescents as irresponsible, rebellious troublemakers, can lead parents to expect trouble as their children enter puberty. Parenting teens includes many challenges as well as joys.

Even when teens start dating, they are still not as close with romantic partners as they are with their same-sex friends. Also, the relationships teens have with their parents – especially the degree of support and security they feel in their relationships – influences their having warm and secure feelings about friendship. Having a secure view of friendship is positively related to teens’ security in their romantic relationships. In other words, parents influence the quality of teens’ friendships and dating relationships.

A focus should be on the positive side of parenting teens. This focus will better help the parent to feel more competent and actually be able to enjoy their teen and the ups and downs they face. Sometimes parents tend to over emphasize the negatives and annoyances of parenting their teens.

Parents and teens can live together more or less harmoniously if parents know what to expect and are willing to make some adjustments in the way they think and act.
Parents want the most for their children: the ability to achieve goals, good friends, positive self-esteem, a strong family relationship, physical and emotional health, self-control, joy and satisfaction in life.

It is important for parents to see self-centeredness, not as a disregard for others, but as a form of psychological self-protection. Teens have fragile egos. Parents can be helpful by giving their teens tactful grooming tips and by encouraging them to look beyond themselves in some way perhaps by joining an interest group or taking up a new sport or hobby.

Teenage behavior is not always easy to live with. Learning to accept though not necessarily condone “typical” behaviour is one of the biggest challenges in bringing up teenagers. Parents have to try to keep this behaviour especially the aggressive type, at a manageable level, so that it doesn’t escalate into violence or become self-defeating for their teenagers.

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