The Courage To Be Alive

Are you truly alive? Do you feel that you’re living the life you’ve always wanted to lead? How many of us really feel fulfilled in every aspect of our lives?

If we have a happy family life, our careers are not what we hoped they would be. If our careers are soaring, we’re often busy getting a divorce or stuck in a dead-end relationship.

Most of us live lives of quiet desperation, knowing that we’re more than we have become. That we can do so much more than we’re doing.

We become dead shells of ourselves, eking out an existence, giving up on the dreams that we had for ourselves, allowing our creativity and potential to languish in the process we call life.

To live fully takes courage. The courage to change. The courage to hurt. The courage to fail. Courage is defined as, “the quality of character which shows itself in facing danger undaunted or in acting despite fear or lack of confidence.”

The fear of change keeps us from living our lives to the fullest. Fear is what prevents us from dumping that lousy job, starting a new venture, breaking off a failing relationship, making a commitment to a new life, a new love.

Change is scary, but if you’re willing to take the step, you’ll find yourself living your best life, playing your best game.

I used to have a fear of being alone that came from childhood fears of abandonment. Being on my own in the world was a very scary option for me. My fears often caused me to settle for relationships that did not serve me.

Ever since I decided that I preferred to be alone and happy than be in a relationship and miserable, I’ve discovered that there’s so much more to life.

I now have time to do the things I’ve always wanted to do, learn things I’ve always wanted to learn, develop myself in ways I never thought possible.

I’ve also opened myself to the possibility of new ventures and new relationships that allow me to express myself fully.

I’ve never felt as alive as I do today. And the best part is that I don’t need anyone else to make me feel that way.

The way to overcome fear is to face it squarely, and do the thing you fear most. If you’re not happy with your life, you only have yourself to blame.

You always have a choice. To change. To grow. To follow your dreams. To be totally alive.

It takes courage to be the best you can be. And it won’t be easy. Change never is.

But it could mean the difference between remaining trapped in the prison of your fears, and living the life of your dreams.

So find your courage, face your fears and take the first step towards becoming the fully alive person you were meant to be.