The Construction Zone

When take a look at the 97% of people at age 65 are dead or dead broke because it comes down to their focus being on going to the office and working really hard. When you go to your office and work really hard nothing occurs because you have to go to your Construction Zone and build with conviction.

I’ll say it again…

*You have to go to your Construction Zone and build your Why with 1000% Conviction*

The conviction that you know you are going to create and manifest whatever you put in your Construction Zone.

Your Construction Zone has to be organized and structured. You have to be focused.

A foundational part of your personal *Construction Zone* is your Dream Wall.

And, in the center of your Dream Wall must sit your Birth Certificate.(Go get it now and put it up there)

Your Birth Certificate certifies you in life. It certifies you to have the right to achieve success.

You must start using the word – Construction Zone –

When people ask you where you are going, you say, I’m heading into my Construction Zone because I’m building my future, I’m building my dream….

*Wow that is unreal*

Like the Wow Factor in real estate. When you are going to resell, or flip a home, or build a home, it’s all about curb appeal, the Wow Factor. When someone drives up to your home or walks into your home they must be Wow’ed.

They’ll say,

Wow, what’s going on here?

Something is happening here, it’s awesome, it’s outstanding, it’s thought provoking, it’s earth shattering, it’s mind blowing!

That is what people must say. Most importantly, it’s what you must say in your spirit, your heart, when you walk into your personal Construction Zone.

You must say,

Wow! I am absolutely committed. I am full of conviction, no doubt in my heart, in my mind, I am going to achieve exactly what I believe I will achieve.

You have to stop saying, I’m going to my office. It’s not a home-office, it’s a personal Construction Zone. You have to have an area in your home, or in your office building, that is your Construction Zone because you are constructing your future. You have to change your mindset because you are now entering a Construction Zone.

Put up a sign that says,

*Danger – Construction Zone* Please excuse the dust because I’mcompletely renovating for the future.

Understand the process, the ownership of your personal Construction Zone. I am going to ask you this question:

Will you commit to having a Construction Zone?

Understand if you don’t commit to developing your own Construction Zone, the people around you won’t commit to you and encourage you to build a Construction Zone. Decide today to take on the words of Construction Zone, take on the action of constructing your Construction Zone, and before you know it, you will be living your dreams.

Go For It!