The connection between limiting beliefs and success

There are lots of great advice about success out there and no one can claim that only one factor is required for success to happen ,however, the factors that lead to success vary in importance to the extent that some of them can prevent you from succeeding at all if you didn’t take them into consideration.
One of these very important factors is the ability to get over limiting beliefs, which is the topic I am going to talk about in this post.

How limiting beliefs can prevent you from success?
Contrary to common beliefs the mind doesn’t collect information to form new beliefs as much as it collects certain information to support already existing ones. When a person forms a limiting belief he will automatically become biased towards that belief.
He will always collect information that further support that belief and he will filter information that goes against his belief.
For example if someone believed that he is not interesting then most probably he will remember all the negative comments people said about his personality while if someone complemented him one day he will quickly assume that the person who did it was just being nice.
This is how we filter information and selectively choose what matches our belief system.
Now if you believe that you can’t succeed, that you are a loser or not lucky then the same is going to happen and your beliefs will keep growing as time passes.

How to get rid of limiting beliefs?
Now that you know that you can’t succeed without getting rid of limiting beliefs it’s time to learn how to do it.
1) First you need to identity these limiting beliefs: Sometimes it becomes a challenge to identity the limiting belief since it’s always disguised as a real one. Talk to successful people, read their books or their success stories then compare your current beliefs to their beliefs. The different between the two belief systems will usually be the limiting beliefs.
2) Challenge these limiting beliefs: You can’t challenge a belief by lying In bed and hoping that things change to the better but you have to do something. If you think that you cant succeed then do your best to challenge this belief by trying to succeed.
3) Be persistent: of course a belief that was carried in your belief system for years might not easily removed. For example if you believe that you are a failure then you might not be able to succeed overnight or from the first attempt and thus you have to be persistent and to keep trying until you prove that belief wrong.