The Common Xbox 360 Problems That You Should Know About

The Xbox 360 is indeed one of the most popular video gaming consoles ever to hit the world today. Performance wise, this particular gaming console offers only the best. From the graphics it offers to the gaming experience, you will see that this video gaming console can satisfy even the most discriminating gamers out there.

However, although the Xbox 360 is one amazing video game console, there are problems that are commonly associated with it. By knowing about the common problems that people experiences with Xbox 360, you will be able to know if you are also experiencing it and also let you know if it can be repaired or not.

The hardware problems associated with Xbox 360 can range from DVD drive problems to red light error problems. In most cases, there are basically 3 types of light problems that you will notice on your Xbox 360.

When you see a green light, it will mean that it is operating normally. However, if you see red lights, then it will indicate that the Xbox 360 has a problem.

1 red light error will mean E74 error, the 2 red light error will mean overheating and the 3 red light error means general hardware failure.

The main problems on the Xbox 360 will be shown as red lights on the power button when you switch on your gaming console.

If you see 1 red light, an error message on the screen will also usually appear. The 1 red light error will mean the E74 error. This error basically means that the scaler chip has burnt out. The scaler chip is responsible for dealing with the graphical capabilities of your Xbox 360 games. If you have this error, it is wise to call the support center for your Xbox 360 and let them know about it. There is a good chance that they will let you ship the Xbox 360 back to be repaired.

If you see 2 red lights on the power button, then it will mean that your Xbox 360 is overheating. You can easily solve this by turning off your video gaming console, and let it cool down for a while. However, you might also want to try and prevent overheating as this can cause hardware failure or the red ring of death or also called the 3 red light error.

Try to clean your Xbox 360 inside and out if it overheats. This will get the dust out of your gaming console and prevent it from overheating. Also, try to play with your Xbox 360 games with the Xbox 360 gaming console out in a well-ventilated area.

For the 3 red light error, it will mean that you have a serious problem with your Xbox 360. This will mean that your Xbox 360 suffered from general hardware failure and will need you to ship it to Microsoft to get it repaired.

You will also see 4 red lights. This is not really something to worry about as it may only be the AV cable not being properly plugged in. Double check your AV cable and it will usually work.

For the DVD drive error or when your Xbox 360 is not able to read your Xbox game discs, you will see that this problem is basically caused by overheating. For this problem, you need to get Microsoft to fix it by shipping the unit back to them.

These are some of the common problems experienced with the Xbox 360. With proper care and maintenance, you will be able to prevent experiencing the mentioned problems and continue enjoying your favorite Xbox 360 games.