The Coming Out of God

It is ironic that in a world of God worshippers, none of them would recognize God if they seen him/her, eyeball to eyeball. In fact in our present state of evolution if we did recognize him, we would probably stick him up on a cross or make ceramic dolls in his image. As a race we don’t like to see our gods in person. We are much more comfortable following in our ancestor’s footprints with symbols of gods.

How would you know God? Many would demand that he perform magic tricks to prove himself. Then if he did, they would declare him a devil and turn him away or try to kill him.
Others would demand that he heal someone to demonstrate his worth and authenticity. And then once again crucify him as they did his son, so that they could see him rise up.

It is not possible to see God while you are looking for him. It is not possible to feel his presence while you are trying to know him. It is not possible to know God while you are looking away from him.

I just read an excerpt from a chapter of a new book that is coming out by a spiritual author. I was delighted to read about how God is everything and that God is all we can know through our five senses. Literally he was saying what I have been saying all along and what other more advanced authors are saying. We are God and God does not exist outside of ourselves. He is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent.

We cannot see God when we look away from ourselves, we cannot know God when we do not know ourselves as God. We cannot be with God if we are not God. God, doesn’t anybody get it. This author was spot on until his closing paragraph. He began to pray to “God the Father” and that is what triggered this article.

If you are God and you say that you are – why would you pray to God? The very second you call to God; you are creating another God outside of yourself. It is your words which command the universe to create what is your minds desire. When you talk about a car you are creating an image of a car outside yourself and that is what you will experience. When you talk about “George,” you have created another person name George who is separate from you. When you talk about “God” you are creating this thing which is not you – you are separate from it. You cannot know God or be with God as long as you talk about him, pray to him, or acknowledge that he is not you.

In his books “Conversations with God,” Walsch talks with God about who he is. God explains to Neal, that he and all others is God, but it would probably not be a good idea to go around calling himself God, because he would more than likely be crucified. People are just not prepared to meet or accept God face to face.

As I continue to call myself Roy, I will experience all that is Roy. I will not experience what it is like being “Bill” or “Sharon” or “Fred.” I will have access to all things which define Roy and I will experience limited power as only Roy.

I could try and trick myself and call myself something else, but that would not work as I would be focusing or demonstrating trickery and I simply would not be able to know myself as the other. When I talk about another, tell their stories and admire them; I have created a new awareness of someone else outside of myself. While I am doing that, I am not focused on myself or even aware of myself. I am simply that which is creating or focusing on something else – I have become nothing but the creator.

It is not possible to know God while you are creating him/her. Because in the process of creating, he would not be complete.

It is language that separates us from ourselves. Because we are creators, when we speak we create. When we know something there is no need to speak, it does not have to be re-defined or re-created. Knowing is absolute but it dissolves with every word that is spoken.

It is not enough to know oneself as God unless one is prepared to speak as God. Saying that God is within us, or we are aspects of God or everything is God, will not take us to God. In the end, we must all know ourselves as God and speak as God if we are to experience the power of God.

I am not picking on this author. I respect his point of view and who he is. But he demonstrates the paradox of physical life. He says he is God, and then at the end of his chapter he prays to God – having done that, he has now created another God, one which he is not. This will continue to be inconsistence (a paradox) with physical life until it no longer serves the purpose of God (you and me).

As physical beings we are really God experiencing being physical using the body we believe is ours. To know God, you really just need to know yourself as that which you already are – God. And to be able to live with that knowledge it may be comforting to know that you, as God, have chosen to live here and experience limited physical life in your body. It is not necessary to recreate what you already are. Worshipping, praying, and creating physical symbols of who you are limits your power and keeps you physical – it is the paradox.

It is really not necessary to call yourself God, but to know yourself as God – unless of course you want to experience being the honoured guest in a specially built institution for those who call themselves God.

The advantage of knowing yourself as God is that you will know that you are creating all the circumstances of your physical life and that you have the power to change it when you desire. Your life will not be a struggle, but an adventure and you will know the true purpose for being here. Life will move easily for you, and you will live it time and time again, until you no longer wish to. The six billion bodies and the physical plane that it exists are your creation for your purpose. Know that it is perfect in its imperfection. If worship, prayers, faith and images and statues help you, then it is appropriate that you have chosen them. But you will not know me until you no longer need them, and know that you are already where you say you want to be.

You are God manifested in the physical human body with the name your parents chose for you. You are not your body but that which gives live to it – you are God!

I personally do not like the terminology, so the word God may be substituted for whatever works for you. I feel comforted in knowing that all things are life. I feel it all around me in everything that my senses can acknowledge. Therefore, for me the words are interchangeable and appropriate. I am life itself – I am all that is.