The Coffee Franchise for Women in Business

Women in business are a growing occurrence. Once relegated to the roles of caretakers more women are stepping up to bat in recent years and discovering that we are not only excellent caretakers and tenders but also exceptional providers and business minds. Savvy women in business often follow the path of least resistance. One way to do this is to buy into a coffee franchise as a business investment.

Why would a coffee franchise appeal to women in business?

There are actually quite a few reasons that coffee franchises are appealing to women in the world of business not the least of which is the fact that a franchise offers name recognition, which can cut years of struggling to build a steady customer base off the timeline. Customers are what makes money in businesses such as a coffee franchise and name recognition often brings customers in the door much more quickly than a new business that no one has ever heard of.

Coffee franchises also offer products that many women find personally appealing. This is often one level in which women in business differ from men. Women are much less likely to go into business offering a product or service that they do not genuinely like or believe in. If a woman loves coffee this is a business that she will see as an attractive business because she knows the product, enjoys the product, and is in a position to really be able to help her customers by making appropriate suggestions to those who seem to be at a loss (personally, I’m almost always at a loss in a coffee caf? because there are so many wonderful goodies from which to choose).

Women in business also like the idea of coffee franchises in many instances because it presents a challenge but doesn’t overwhelm. There are plenty of new and wonderful things to learn when opening a coffee franchise but the vast majority of them are pretty straightforward and not overly technical or complicated. This makes the path to ownership much more attractive to women who are less technically or mechanically inclined than the average guy and some of those who would simply rather save mechanical or technical pursuits for pleasure rather than business.

If this isn’t enough however, there is always my personal favorite reason that a coffee franchise is more attractive than some of the other food centered franchises that are available for women: no frying. That’s right. Most coffee franchises do not require a steady supply of greasy food to prep, prepare, and clean up. There is no pervasive scent of fried food that seeps into pores, clothes, and nasal passages. While all women will not count this is a favorite reason it is quite possible that most women will at least somewhere down the road consider it a definite plus when it comes to coffee franchise ownership. The scent of coffee is much more attractive than the scent of French fries-especially in the early hours of the morning when most coffee franchise stores are busiest.