The Closely Guarded Secrets of a Creating Copywriter.

What is Creative Copywriting Anyways?

Copywriting is relatively unpretentious and can be explained in 13 words. Quite simply, it’s the capability to write words that makes people want to give you money.

Copywriting comes in many different ways. You could be writing copy on your blog, in ads and a whole slew of other places. When folks initially get started writing, I feel that they go after the big traffic without realizing the battle that sits there. They try to be someone they are not- to attract the people that they want to be. Think about that for one moment.

You want to attract people that you are comfortable with. I can relate to that as when I first got started online and was trying to make a living doing it, I felt that I had to be someone I was not. Ever hear the term “fake it until you make it?” That was me. Did it work and did I attract the folks that I wanted? Nope. People see right through things.

I was not comfortable with my audience, Therefore it came through in my writing.

Your prospect wants to feel understood. You have to attenuate them. They want to know that you care. This is where the creative copywriter factory his charisma. He starts right where someone is at and sits where they want to be. Then, you build a bridge that brings your prospect to their sweet spot.

Ok. Before we go there you need to learn how to get someones attention. These are some of the closest guarded secrets to the creative copywriter so listen up!

Here are 6 ways to get your prospects attention.

1. Lead with their problem – Stay away from the word and letter “I”. Your writing should not be about you. You want to know the problems of your target market. What’s their pain point. You want to talk about that pain in your copywriting. Let your audience know that you feel it.

2. Question Their Beliefs – When I think about questioning beliefs I think of reading the “Enquirer”. You want to make people think and rattle them a little.

3. Be Entertaining – It is said that if you cant capture someones attention within the first sentence of your copywriting, you have lost them and it’s not very likely that your prospect will read on. Pitch some humor into your writing and make someone laugh a little. Fun copy goes a long way.

4. Be Enlightening – A creative copywriter will disseminate a revelation in his writing. This, like nothing else will engage your prospect.

5. Be Curious – Pulling on someones curiosity in your copy pulls them closer to you. Everyone wants to know more. Curiousity killed the cat but wont kill your copy.

6. Be Contraversial- Why do you think the Enquirer magazine is so popular? People love controversy and if you can feed them creative controversial copy, you’ll have them hooked. Stay away from the plain old that everyone else does in their copywriting.

The creative copywriter is constantly improving and testing his copy. It’s an ongoing educational process that never ends. Even the paramount of the best of copywriters like Frank Kern or Joe Vitale are constantly working on themselves and their skill set.

In closing I figured I would share with you some fantastic Copy Writing Resources

* The Adweek – By Joe Sugarman
* Hypnotic Writing – By Joe Vitalie
* The Copywriters Handbook – By Robert Blye
* The Robert Collier Letter Book – Umm Guess Who?
* The Agora Swipefile – Find this one online, it’s out there – By Robert Collier

To Creative Copy,

Joshua Boxer