The Choice Is Yours!

After a particularly bad week at work, I decided that it’s time to stand up for myself ! Being the person that I am, I had walked around for days trying to please and motivate everyone, only to find myself completely drained and exhausted by the end of the week!

Did I have a choice?

After doing a fair bit of soul searching, I had to admit that the answer to this question was a definite yes!

I remembered that we always have a choice in life, and that there are, in fact, endless possibilities every minute of every day:

Right now, if I wanted to, I could stop writing this blog, pack my bags, take a taxi to the airport and fly straight to the Bahamas!

Alternatively, I could go into the nearest bar and start a conversation with a group of complete strangers. I could also dye my hair pink, or take off all my clothes and run down the street naked ! I could pick up the phone and make a call to someone that I haven’t spoken to in fifteen years, or I could stand in the middle of Victoria station and start singing a song!

Some of these options might seem a bit mad, but they certainly are possible! So why not?

We also have a choice when it comes to people:

Who do we surround ourselves with? I recommend that you surround yourself with positive, fun and supportive people. Why? Because they nourish, energize and inspire you.

But what should we do when we find ourselves surrounded by negative people?

Again, there are various options to choose from:

We can try to please them and end up feeling drained- not a good choice! We can move away from them as much as possible – better! Or, and this is what I suggest, we can try to point them into a different direction by offering positive support and advice – BUT: as soon as we notice that they would rather stay negative and continue blaming others – and life in general – we have to protect ourselves by limiting the time that we spend with these individuals. We can then move on, thus saving our energies and efforts for us and the people who truly deserve it!

But don’t I have to please everyone and be nice all the time so that I can be a good citizen and go to heaven?

If you are being nice all the time because you think you have to, then unfortunately you are not doing yourself or anyone else a favour. If you are acting in a certain way because you feel obliged to do so, then your actions don’t really come from your heart anyway – so what are they worth in the first place? And if you are being drained by people, then how can you be filled with positive energy yourself? Furthermore, if you aren’t filled with positive energy yourself, then how can your positive energy overflow into other people’s lives?

When on a plane we are always being told to use our own oxygen mask first before helping others. It’s the same in life – if you can’t “breathe” yourself, then you can’t give to others.

Once we feel healthy, wealthy and full, the universe starts to correspond to the nature of our song; We attract even better things, and helping and giving to others happens naturally and effortlessly.

What choices will you make today?