The Business Case For ABL Asset Based Lending Canada . The Ultimate Credit Revolver For Business Financing?

The infamous ‘ business case ‘. We’re told its a tool that ‘supports planning and decision making …’ . Is there in fact such a case to be made for business owners considering ABL asset based lending in Canada via a credit revolver facility versus bank lines of business credit? We think so. Here is why.

We agree that more isn’t always best in business, that’s for sure, but isn’t the fact that your company can generate more borrowing capacity based on the sole criteria of assets ( not rations, covenants, personal guarantees, outside collateral , etc) an impressive point. And remember, just because you have the ability to draw down additional working capital and cash flow on a daily basis doesn’t mean you have to use it. But boy, knowing its there has always helped.

More borrowing power is based on the same ‘ borrowing base ‘ certificates you might currently be utilizing at your bank. You assets of inventory and accounts receivable of course substantiate that base, and typically your receivables and inventories are margined at 90% for a.r and 30-70% range on inventory.

Many clients we meet have a traditional mix of A/R and inventory in some per cent age mix. However Canadian business owners and financial managers shouldn’t think the A/R and inventory relationship is ‘ cast in stone ‘. It is not. You can still qualify for an ABL asset based line of credit in Canada if you just have inventory, or if you just have A/R, or if in fact you have both but one significantly outweighs the other.

Example? A good example might be a major retailer who has a huge inventory component on the balance sheet, but sells of course on cash basis, i.e. no receivables.

So is there an industry when our ‘ business case’ doesn’t make sense for a credit revolver? We can make a general statement that all firms in Canada, regardless of size of nature of business still qualify for this type of financial vehicle. Naturally pricing, terms, and margining will always come back to analysis of the asset class.

Growing or just surviving are two very good reasons to consider ABL finance in Canada. But here’s a solid business case to be made – These facilities can also be used to acquire a competitor or strategic partner. In fact it works to your firm’s advantage to consider ABL financing for that type of transaction because it minimizes cash required to complete the deal.

So, the business case for ABL. It’s about benefits, return, and financial justification. Consider ABL asset based lending as making a great business case for your firms financial underpinning. Speak to a trusted credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor today.