The Best Pressure Washer Is Within Your Grasp!

Perhaps you are perplexed – there are just SO MANY different types of pressure washers available today – how do you choose the right one? We’d like to help you choose the best pressure washer for your needs.

Perhaps the first place to start is to think about how often you will need to use your pressure washer, and what you will be cleaning with it. If you will only need to use a pressure washer once a week or less, then you can choose a model designed for homeowner or residential use. On the other hand, if you will be using it more often, then your best bet is to choose a commercial-grade unit.

In your deliberations, consider just what you will be trying to clean with your new pressure washer. Will you need to clean really greasy and grimy surfaces? Then you will need a pressure washer that heats the water, as the how water is effective in cleaning grease and oil. If you can get a steam pressure washer, even better, as it will really tackle even the most greasy, grimy object.

If you are interested in cleaning stuff around the home – such as your deck, or automobile – will find that they will not need a very high-pressure unit. One that develops under 2000 PSI should work just fine on those surfaces.

But on the other hand, if you need to clean your house brickwork, aluminum siding, or even a large truck – you will need a pressure washer that can deliver at least 2000-3000 PSI. This is sufficient for these jobs.

Then there are those monsters that develop over 3000 PSI of pressure – what about them? Well, they are (as you might guess) designed for the heavy-duty cleaning you encounter in industrial and commercial environments (such as car repair shops, factories, truck depots, etc.).

Many residential users choose a commercial-grade unit anyway, however. They get a pressure washer that will last longer and have a better warranty. This is because they are made with better quality components – especially the water pump.

A few final thoughts: Don’t forget to ask about servicing – what will you need to do if it breaks down? In addition, make sure that you buy all the accessories you need – not all of them may be included in the kit. And please, practice safe washing procedures: wear goggles, be careful of hot water and steam, and NEVER point the stream of water at others.