The Best Jobs In Insurance

The insurance industry in the United Kingdom is one of the hottest areas of job growth over the last decade. Home-owners, drivers, and other people concerned about accidents, unforeseen incidents and possible injury purchase insurance to protect themselves against the risk of financial ruin. In response to the high customer demand for insurance policies, companies have created thousands of new positions in a variety of departments. Young professionals with a business, accounting, or financial background could thus do worse than taking a position with an insurance company. Several jobs within the insurance field are particularly lucrative at the moment and deserve due consideration.

One of the best jobs in insurance these days is sales. Insurance sales people in the United Kingdom and elsewhere are seldom the door-knocking sales people of the past. Instead, insurance sales professionals often work with small businesses to provide them with advice regarding insurance relating to the workplace, or deal with private individuals who need insurance to cover a wide range of applications – such as Landlord’s insurance when renting a property. In the insurance industry, word of mouth and advertising have generally replaced door-to-door solicitations in an effort to exert less direct pressure on people and to increase customer satisfaction. Young professionals who want to provide a genuine service to people, while making a great wage, should consider these sales positions.

Another area of growth in the insurance job market has been in actuarial science. Actuaries work within insurance companies to determine the risk of providing a particular product or level of cover to an individual or business – a process that often involves a complex set of calculations and charts. Actuaries work closely with insurance agents to determine the level of insurance that can be provided to a client as well as other data necessary to create a sound policy. The insurance industry and the British government require actuaries to take a number of tests and achieve certification before entering an actuarial position. However, a professional who chooses to be an insurance actuary has long-term job security and a professional niche that is highly likely to develop over the next decade.

Yet another job in the UK insurance industry is that of the ‘Claims-Adjuster’. Claims-adjusters typically work for home or auto-insurance companies and inspect claims submitted by customers. An auto claims-adjuster will arrive at the scene of an accident experienced by a policy holder to determine the damage in financial terms. A home-insurance adjuster will come to investigate the damage done perhaps by flood or fire. These positions offer an opportunity to get out into the field, provide help to families or individuals, and earn a steady wage.