The Best Jobs for Graduates

As a rule, the UK job market can tend to be a very competitive place. The primary reason for this is the fact that the proportion of applicants who possess similar skills and experience outnumber the amount of jobs available. The intense competition that exists between firms in the recruitment industry is another reason why the graduate job market can often be challenging. Therefore, it is always a good idea for a recent graduate to obtain assistance and advice from a reputable recruitment firm. Since Quanta was established in 1992, they have become one of the leading recruitment firms for graduate jobs. Regardless of an applicants chosen vertical market or discipline, Quanta has the experience and expertise to ensure that they obtain the best jobs for graduates. The company operates in all parts of the UK and they have also helped many graduates find suitable positions abroad.

One of the reasons why Quanta provides an excellent graduate recruitment service is that they foster close relationships and communication networks with top management. This means that Quanta is able to get immediate visibility on the best graduate opportunities before most recruitment agencies. As a result, their candidates can start the application process for these roles even before they are advertised. Quanta also has a team of experienced and professional staff who have expert knowledge of the graduate job market. The sophisticated back office tools which Quanta has enables them to provide an effective and efficient graduate recruitment service. Without a doubt, Quanta is one of the leading firms for graduate recruitment services.

The personalized service which Quanta provides their graduate candidates is truly unlike any other in the recruitment industry. Quanta understands that good quality recruiting is not just about finding candidates a role. Rather, it is also about ensuring that graduates receive all the necessary help and support in their new role. The Quanta candidate care program has been designed for this exact purpose. Once Quanta has secure a placement for a candidate, they enroll them on to this program. It is worth mentioning that graduate candidates given support through out the duration of their employment. The results which Quanta has achieved over the years has meant that an increasing number graduates are choosing to patronize Quanta’s service. This is because many have realized that they have a better chance of finding the best graduate jobs with Quanta.