The Best Costa Rica Romantic Vacation

Costa Rica is one of the most sought after countries to visit by people who are looking for a break in their monotonous lives. And if you are among those that are looking forward to visit the country, then this might be the time you do. It as an amazingly vast wild forest and nature wonders that you will find romantic to spend a get away with your loved one.

You will also find this Central American City very appealing out of its beautifully maintained beaches, butterflies farms, volcanoes, and national historic places in a cheap traveling budget. Therefore, Costa Rica romantic vacation will be the best strategy to that grand but inexpensive getaway plans you have. But before you start moving, make sure you have made up your mind of which will be destination for you and your loved one.

The best time to travel to Costa Rica is during he hot summers. You can choose within the months of December to April and book a flight to your supposed destination. But if you want to go there in peace and quiet setting, you may opt for the off-season which is usually falls n May, October, and November. Although the surge of tourists in Costa Rica has never been something to be worried of, you might want to enjoy the place without the many unnecessary people milling around.

Travel with United, American, Delta and Continental Airlines from the USA with a major connecting flight in Miami when going to San Jose. You can also opt for the only international plane in Costa Rica, Lacsa. All these airlines have packages for you to make a choice from if you feel you want o. Flying time will be 2 hours 45 min from Dallas to Miami (MIA) and finally to Costa Rica, 4 hours if flying from Texas, and 7 hours from New York. From the Juan Santamaria international airport, it will only take 30 minutes to get to downtown San Jose through a cab for around $14 US fee or a through bus for only 60 cents.

In Costa Rica, you ca enjoy two seasons, the wet (winter) and the dry (summer). These seasons make it more tempting for you to go beaching or any activities to enjoy the sun. But because the Caribbean coast becomes wetter than the Pacific coast, you have to check weather bulletins before going out for the vacation. But even if you are not that diligent, you can still enjoy Costa Rica romantic vacations as rains in this country are usually shorter and downpour-type.

If you are not fond of beaches, then you and your loved ones can go for a guided tour to Irazu and Poas Volcanoes, La Paz Waterfall, Butterfly Gardens, Braulio Carillo National Park, and a lot of varieties of tours that even includes rafting trips, Jungle trains, horseback riding, and cruises to Isla Tortuga.

Another fun filled guided tour in Costa Rica is the Canopy Tour as seen on television. You can enjoy getting strapped with a harness and experience gliding from treetop to treetop and enjoy animal sightseeing: monkeys, toucans, macaws (Costa Rican Parrot), pelicans, and bats.

So book for a Costa Rica romantic vacation now and see what it is you and your loved one have bee missing!