The Benefits of Building a Veranda

The veranda is a very popular addition to homes in warm climates, especially parts of the USA and Australia. However, this is not to say it isn’t of benefit to homes in the UK, in fact, there are a variety of advantages to having a veranda.

The veranda is weather flexible, giving you the opportunity to receive the benefits of the outdoors, while not having to worry about the conditions outside. A veranda has its place in rain or sunshine and provides fantastic protection for you during any weather.

In the winter, the addition of a heater can afford you the luxury of being able to sit outdoors with a book, whereas in the summer, its protection from the sun is of great benefit. Verandas also facilitate outdoor dining during those wet but mild British summers and during blazing heat provide your walls with shelter from the sun and so ensures your house is cooler. This can reduce air conditioning costs in warm weather.

Verandas are attractive and can really add desirability to your home. The fact a veranda comes in a wide variety of styles means that it can be tailored to any taste. There is a choice of attractive roofing options from glass, so you can look at the sky above, to insulated roofing and tiles, for colder conditions. Glass verandas can also be tinted, allowing you to see the sun through a tint in warm weather and through almost clear glass on duller days.

The flooring also offers as many options as you can think of. Wood, concrete, timber decking can be placed beneath the veranda. It provides a great area to place plants that need shelter and is ideal for your gardening tasks. Railings and fretwork can also be added to give an individual style.

In the UK, where such additions to a home are quite rare, a veranda can really stand out as a classy extension.

Verandas make a great family space and are fantastic for families with older children. Being able to escape the hustle bustle of a small home, or family room, and sit in the cool veranda area is as relaxing as it sounds. This additional area would be a lot more expensive if it were a room, yet a veranda can offer you this respite for a lot less.

Of course, the above benefits will in turn give the possibility of adding value to your home. Verandas are attractive, allow your home to be that little bit more functional and so as we’ve mentioned are often desirable. This in turn means that installing a veranda will push up the price of your home, and you will see it become a worthy investment.

With all this in mind the veranda certainly becomes a far more attractive offering. It’s aesthetically pleasing, allows you to express your personality, increases home value and offers you extra outdoor space, rain or shine.