The Benefit of Yoga

It is interesting to note – some teachers feel Yoga has spread too far and too fast. No matter how much people try, Yoga cannot be controlled by humankind. Yoga is an evolving system, going in many directions at once. You cannot control a living philosophy. Yoga will continue to evolve, regardless of any attempts people make to control it.

In fact, the puzzle of how to control Yoga has baffled humankind. Yoga has spread worldwide, but some people complain about it. Should the Eight Limbed Path have been kept a secret?

Should those who have found the keys to self-mastery and self-worth regret it? Is having a peaceful mind and serving others wrong? It is, if you look at the world from a purely selfish point of view.

Selfishness is not reality, but it is powerful enough to create the appearance of reality. Those, who selfishly desire to control everything, are usually good at creating illusions. This can be accomplished in many ways, by playing on the fear of new ideas.

The tranquil mind of a Yoga practitioner will be able to see through a superficial layer. Those who create illusion do not want to see the worldwide spread of a “free-thinking” philosophy. The worldwide proliferation of Yoga creates difficulty for those who desire absolute power and authority.

Yoga continues to interconnect itself within every culture, no matter how many outrageous claims are made against it. Anyone of any religious background, or political affiliation, can practice Yoga because it peacefully crosses all boundaries.

Now, let’s look at prosperity. Is prosperity selfish? Prosperity is good fortune. Therefore, it is not always tangible. Prosperity could be many things, but we commonly think of it as wealth, success, or the good fortune of having a loving family.

For the sake of debate, let’s look at tangible wealth for selfishness. Money and wealth are forms of energy that have the power to create good or evil. It is a matter of what you do with tangible prosperity that creates rewards or consequences.

To a point, you can control money. If a trained mind, or a group of trained minds, has control of tangible wealth, it is possible to create prosperity. Charities do this all the time. However, governments “gone wrong” can use wealth to make war and conquer their neighbors.

The most important benefit of yoga is physical and mental therapy. The true tangible benefits of yoga for most of the people who practice Yoga are on their health, fitness, and wellbeing.