The BE Attitudes of Being a Great Woman

How can you find a great man? Why, being a great woman, of course.

Even if you’re not looking for (or have already found) a great man, you can still be a Great Woman…just interact with men the way you interact with life.

1. BE OPEN to whatever he presents.

2. BE APPRECIATIVE of Everything he offers.

3. BE RECEPTIVE of his ideas (no matter how ridiculous you think they are).

4. BE FIRM and Say NO to what you don’t want and what feels uncomfortable.

5. BE RESPECTFUL of what he thinks.

6. BE SELF-DISCIPLINED and keep your mouth shut when you know you can do it better. Or faster. (This is a really tough one.)

7. BE PATIENT. (Another tough one.) (Really tough.)

8. BE ACCEPTING of who he is because that’s who he is. And that’s what you get. And that’s the truth.

9. BE GRACEFUL. (Do the best you can here :))

10. BE PERSISTENT in your pursuit of femininity. Never stop taking care of yourself. Ever. Never stop taking time for things you know are REALLY important and make you feel good.

And may you always BE a Great Woman in Love and Life!

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