The Basic Behind All Healing

Today I’m going to share with you the basics behind many of my most successful healing programs. This basic understanding is what leads to healing snoring, TMJ, Tooth grinding, neck problems, dizziness and vertigo, migraine and headaches, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, Fibromyalgia and even high blood pressure.

By understanding the basic behind these simple programs, you can take the same knowledge and work on several other conditions.

This is the basic body function – muscles move the bones by orders from the nerves. The muscles stay still if the nerves do not order them to move the bones. Unless the nerves connected to the muscles tell them to create tension so that the bones can be moved, the muscles will always stay relaxed. But if the muscles are tense, they’ll stay stiff until told by the nerves to relax.

Usually this system works extremely well. The problem is when for some reason the muscles stay either tense or unused for a long period of time. The most common problem are back and neck problems. But the fact is that most health problems are probably at least partly caused by chronic tension in some muscles.

There are four major problems that muscle tension can cause:

1) Muscles move the bones and body. If some muscle groups are tense for long periods – this will cause wrong body position and can’t do their normal job thus will end up relying on other muscles around. Most people for example, have their head pointing too much forwards. The tense neck muscles can’t balance the head which leads to dependency on such other groups as jaw muscles, thus becoming a major cause for jaw related problems especially TMJ. The breathing passage gets pressurized because of tension in the jaw and other muscles, resulting in snoring. Similarly, dizziness and vertigo are caused by imbalance in the balance system of the eyes and ears which in turn is caused by wrong head position.

2) Tense muscles prevent blood flow throughout the body. Instead of supporting the veins delivering oxygen to every cell in the body, they actually block the blood flow. This is especially harmful when it comes to muscles that can prevent blood flow up to the brain. This kind of muscle tension causes migraine and other headaches. It also causes dizziness/vertigo and Fibromyalgia. The brain is not the only part of the body that needs oxygen filled blood; if the muscles around the genitals are tense, men will suffer erectile dysfunction.

3) Tense muscles lock the bones in unnatural position for a long period of a time. The bones eventually press on a nerve that sends pain signals up to the brain. Almost all conditions that include pain are caused by tension in the muscles. Including arthritis.

So what is the solution? It’s simple. Move and stimulate the muscles that are stiff. Remember that muscles will not change their position till they get orders from the nerves that control them. These nerves are of course controlled by the brain, which hopefully is under your control. So get the muscles going and the pain and problem will go away.

I’m of course simplifying things in this short article. Taking things back to the basic. But the truth remains that I’ve found solutions to many major health problems – some of them considered incurable by the traditional medical system – by mostly focusing on loosing up both big and small muscles of the body. And all the time, I’m discovering new conditions this simple method can heal.