The Awareness of Metaphysical Laws and Principles Part 5


Humanity as a whole is experiencing a cosmic slumber in which the Real is forsaken and the dream of Maya, of illusions, delusions and glamors perpetuated. In this prolonged dream human beings suffer, they experience pain and disease, they grow old, decay, and eventually pass through transition–a meaningless life if viewed from a materialistic perspective. Even the lighter side of this dream with its varied pleasures is incapable of consoling the weary soul who has tasted most of what the materialistic life has to offer. Human beings in general, are angry and confused, their sense of identity being displaced. Not knowing the purpose of life they indulge in sensuous entertainments that degrade and retrogresses the soul. Unaware of the object of their spiritual existence and the nature of their being, they run away from physical reality with its harshful but needful disciplines and resort to forms of escapism such as seeking solace in pills, in alcohol, or in self-termination. Not realizing the Comforter within, they seek answers without from psychics, fortune tellers, and mediums, and so-called Gurus–the ubiquitous “father-mother” figures.

With all the mental and emotional confusion, religion, science, and a materialistic philosophy fail to provide adequate answers that would give a proper meaning to the word “life” to the suffering soul. How then does one find a way out of the darkness? By returning to basic principles which lies at the foundation of a spiritual way of life, an the understanding of those laws which brought the universe into being. One should harmonize one’s way of life with Cosmic Laws and not violate them. Probing the nature and purpose of those Laws and principles one senses the import of God’s Plan of evolution. Living in accord with that Plan leads to a purposeful and meaningful life. Studying the ontological life of man and the universe cannot help but upgrade the quality of man’s philosophy and attitude towards life, and when daily applied, yield positive results in soul-growth. The transformation of society begins with the enlightened living of an individual. All of the problems in society may be traced to lethargic individuals who procrastinates in maturing spiritually. The metaphysician, as a preceptor of spiritual values, should, therefore, strive to reach and teach those individuals comprising society the laws and principles of harmony, abundance, and creativity ere an enlightened standard of life is to be seen on a social scale. The Laws and principles dealt with briefly in this paper are helpful in aiding metaphysicians to stimulate individuals with the qualities of inertia and excessive inharmonious motion (misapplied energy) as related to their spiritual evolution. Perhaps the two most important laws that we did not discuss heretofore but are essential in improving one’s understanding of life are the laws of reincarnation and karma. The expositions of these laws are to be found in various literature relating to the spiritual side of life.

All of the Laws and principles that we have discussed and those that have not been dealt with but are o be found in spiritual literature should be infused in individuals of all strata of society. Our modern methods of communication, and the various media make it feasible for the modern metaphysician to reach out to hundreds of individuals at a given moment. It is said that a person does not live on bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God. It is incumbent upon the metaphysician, his moral duty, to be God’s mouth-piece and to offer heavenly manna to humanity. Manna may be sweet in the mouth but bitter in the stomach–or contrawise; nevertheless, people must be awakened and made aware of their higher destiny which goes beyond the bounds of the physical plane. Life here is precious and it should not be wasted. The opportunities it provides for the evolving soul are incalculable.

A philosophy of life based on eternal values is a priceless gift that any person may give to the aching heart. Even a single law of Truth may transform a negative expression when applied in a sincere manner. This may start a chain-reaction in which a single act of kindness executed in one’s field of awareness may eventually save a person in dire distress, a person living at the opposite end of the globe, and beyond one’s conscious knowing. If “evil” has the power to destroy, love has even more power to construct and save. A spiritual, metaphysical education is as essential as an academic one. A balanced educational system in which the spiritual side of man is developed in conjunction with the intellect creates a harmonious growth of man’s innate divinity. In psychological terms, this is the unification and usage of the right and left hemispheres of the brain, and is the foundation of our modern accelerated learning methods.


In this paper we have put forth our two themes concerning the Absolute Reality of man’s nature and the conventional, relative reality that man consciously or unconsciously create in his everyday life. We have also dealt with the many Laws and principles related to these two forms of reality and how they may be applied in the metaphysical field. We have noted, for instance, how a metaphysical awareness of another’s divine identity raises and stimulates that person’s consciousness. In the section on healing, we have seen the importance of clearing the causes of inharmony within the body as well as the symptoms; we have likewise shown how the psychosomatic principles of man may be healed by the many exoteric and esoteric methods, and of the usage of world-scriptures as a medium for conveying the eternal, metaphysical truths, and the mystical interpretation thereof has likewise been dealt in a succinct manner.

We have also looked at the higher, spiritual principles of man ruling instincts, and how they apply to a greater philosophy of life. Furthermore, we have discussed how the various Laws and principles may assist in man’s spiritual unfoldment, and ultimately, the transformation of society. From the above, we may conclude how an awareness and understanding of the many principles and laws of life are important for the metaphysician to apprehend, and how the conveyance to the masses of God’s Plan for man’s soul-evolution may be consummated.

Knowing the importance of Divine Laws and principles that aid soul-evolution–we suggest that further research and investigation be made in this field through meditation and contemplation; and through the study of traditional, spiritual wisdom of every past and present culture and civilization. The more we know about ourselves, and the universe that we live in, the more we will live in accord with the grand design of the Universal Mind. It would be helpful for metaphysicians to compile an encyclopedia of Cosmic Laws and principles with examples of their application, not only in the metaphysical field, but in daily life as well. This would be a great reference for the practitioner. what we know about life is still merely the tip of the iceberg. One thing that we should avoid is the crystallization of the mind with its expression of complacency, arrogance, and fanaticism. Such a mind refuses to grow and search for truths for fear of the unveiling of the unknown. Making the “unknown” known is the raison d’être of the metaphysician.

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