The Art Of Watchmaking Behind The Bvlgari Company

There is no denying the fact that the Bvlgari Company has had a tremendous impact on the watch industry. Year after year they seem to create and distribute a number of impeccable watches that awe its customers. Because of this, there has to be some art of watchmaking that they have come up with to keep its customers satisfied.

Since the early twentieth century, the Bvlgari Company has been able to present sophisticated and brilliantly crafted timepieces. It truly has been their contemporary design, the wholesomeness of their forms and the boldness of the creativity that has got them where they are today.

Dating all the way back to the 1920’s when the company’s first creations anticipated Art Deco with a unique and intriguing style. This led to the bold coils of a snake watch in the 1940’s, which immediately became an emblem among jewel-watches in the watch industry.

The 1970’s saw the ‘Tubogas’ watch for the Bvlgari Company. This was similar to the snake watch but was more flexible and had an elastic gold bracelet made entirely by hand. This became another model that stood out in the eye of the public and soon became yet another symbol of elegance and style.

It was the Tubogas that truly gave the company its name with its pain-staking designs and intricate designs. The 1977 Bulgari-Bulgari followed that up and went above and beyond. With the double engraved logo on the cylindrical section, this watch was a direct result of architectural sturdy designing.

What has been apparent among all of the Bvlgari Company’s watches is its amazing ability to constantly be ahead of its time. It constantly is producing timepieces that are amazing designing and new features that no other watch company has displayed. And because of this, it has stayed in the light of the public and is growing every year in popularity.

Today, Bulgari Time in Neuchatel, Switzerland has a staff of around 500. It is one of the only companies in the world that is capable of providing assembly and its own production as well. Because of its carefully targeted takeovers, it now can manufacturer complicated watches as well. Its technically sophisticated watches take years to create and the unique items are very select. It’s constantly evolving stylistic innovation and technological excellence has led to the Bvlgari Company being one of the finest watchmaking companies in the industry.

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