The Art Of Public Speaking – Overcome The Fear

One of the touchstones to success is powerful public speaking. If you have the ability to speak in front of a great crowd of people, then many people already consider you as someone who is on his way to the top. Skills in public speaking could undeniably bring anyone to the heights of his career and the pinnacle of his glory.

But, how about those who are afraid of public speaking? What is in store for them if success is held by those who only knows how to speak in front of people?

One of the worst phobic problems that could hit a person, who is aiming for glory, is the fear of public speaking. People who have this problem get so anxious when they are asked to speak in front of a crowd that there are really times when they are paralyzed by their fear. They get numb and cold at the same time, others even get anxiety attacks.

There is one way that could treat fear of public speaking and that is hypnosis. However, there are many therapists now who also have other programs that deal with this problem. Aside from hypnosis, there is also what they call as the Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the Emotional Freedom Technique that are also sure-fire ways to treat anyone’s fear of talking to a great number of people. Those who are suffering from the fear of public speaking should seek professional help, especially if their successful treatment means an advancement in their careers.

If you have a fear of public speaking, you could also take on simple steps to help yourself, aside from getting professional treatment. One of these steps is understanding that your nervousness will not actually show to your audience. It is just your brain, which is working overtime, that is telling you that you are going to do poorly.

Get rid of this inner voice and you will be fine. When you are doing some public speaking, don’t forget to breathe and pause at regular intervals. This seemingly routine exercise will help you remain calm and speak in a normal and even pace. You do this quite easily when you are engaged in a simple conversation, so there is no reason why you can’t do this in front of a crowd.

Never memorize your piece word for word. Instead, get the gist of your topic, then have some notes and pointers on the parts that you are more familiar with. This way, you can always have your notes to fall back on when you are in doubt as to what to say next. Always make sure that you are talking about a thing that you are familiar with because this will give you more leverage when it comes to knowing more about the subject than the people you are talking to.

Lastly, always think of positive thoughts during those days that lead to your public speaking date. Remember that anything negative will always lead to negative outcomes, so stay away from bad thoughts and focus on the good. Change that dread into anticipation and you are already on your way to making a success out of your speech.