The Art of Network Marketing Lead Generation

Lead Generation is Crucial to any MLM or Network Marketing Business.

Over the years you most likely did some pretty crazy things in order to generate leads. In all likelihood you’ve done everything from cold calling people from the phone book, leaving business cards within the self help books in the local bookstore, engaging in conversations with anyone with a heartbeat, attending every community social gathering, etc…etc…

It wasn’t until I learned the way to leverage systems that allowed me to multiply my efforts, that I saw an incredible change in my productivity in addition to growth in business.

One of the things I realized is that I wasted considerable time in conversation with individuals who I had no business talking to about business. I realized that if I was going to move ahead in business, I would have to have a system in place to pre-qualify my prospects before I ever talked to them. This is called sifting and sorting.

Furthermore , I learned that all of the top earners in the network marketing/digital marketing industry used a funded proposal funnel system to monetize their efforts. Which means when someone drops into your sales funnel, you have numerous opportunity’s to offer something of value to them before they leave. This is done through your auto-responders together with phone conversations and connecting with people.

Many people think just because they’ve got a online lead generation system set up, they no longer have to pick up the phone and interact with people. WRONG! You’ll always have to talk to people, always. It’s the glue that holds things together.

If you are trying to convince folks that “your business is the best” or “your product rocks everything else out there”, your set for a rude awakening. It’s not one size fits all. People are searhing for solutions to their problems and if you only have one solution, your going to be a very frustrated marketer.

Visualize yourself being a doctor and you have patients visiting you with an ailment that needs a prescription of some sort. If it your duty to diagnose your patients and then possess the best solution to solve their specific problem. You can only find these things out by connecting with people on their level. Forget about what you long for and begin thinking about what other people need.

While lead generation systems increase productivity, understand that they are only another tool. You still have to work. Whether your using Ppc, Blogging, Banner advertising, Article Writing, Video Marketing or Press Releases, you’ve still got to be able to connect with your audience in a way that your providing value without merely pushing a product or service. You need to realize that your not dealing with machines, your dealing with peoples lives.

Increasing your own personal value to society is one of the secrets of the industry. You have to connect before you decide to pull. This is how the attraction marketing comes into play. Assuming you have two magnets and you put the polar opposites near each other, you are going to repel them from each other. Flip one of them around and they will draw themselves together and at that point you can pull.

~Josh Boxer