The Art and Science of Giving

One subject most Success Coaches, Abundance Trainers, Holistic Metaphysicians, and Ontology Philosophers hate to mention is the subject of giving. Many feel they are met with total opposition and sometimes resentfulness. Rather than deal with this opposing energy, many in this field of study choose to avoid the subject entirely.

However, there are those of us who intuitively and scientifically know that it is a subject matter that must be addressed in order for all of us in our human experience to truly live abundantly and successfully. To that end, we must know that there is a Universal Law of Giving and Receiving and this is an important component in our power to increase or our power to prosper.

As such, more should be taught on the subject of giving. With more being taught on this subject, fewer people would be taken advantage of through psychological manipulations and more people would be compelled to give.

There is an art and science to giving. As a science giving allows us to receive. And to him, much is given; much is required which makes giving a principle not a privilege. Furthermore, as a science, giving allows the flow of abundance. When we give, we activate divine flow, so therefore, our needs and true desires are met through our giving.

As an art, giving is an inspirational act. When we give with inspiration, we become the vessel for spreading good and therefore good will follow us. Giving as an art breaks the bondage of doubt and frustration in our lives because we have broken doubt and frustration in the life of another in our giving.

What should one give? People should give goodness at every turn. The agent of our goodness could be time, kind words, knowledge, service, or money. But the key is to give something everyday and we will receive after its own kind. For example, when we give time, we find that we have more time to complete tasks and projects in our own lives. When we give kind words, we find that kind words come back to us. When we give knowledge through information, we find that our knowledge also increases. When we give money and service, well, we get more money and service in return.

So, it is in the best interest of all of us who want to live more fruitful and abundant lives to give at every opportunity. See giving as an opportunity and be inspired. After all it is the Universal Law of Giving and Receiving that says in every doctrine or religion: “Give and you will receive.”