The Appeal of the Kiosk Coffee Franchise

Many malls and shopping centers around the country have them, even some supermarkets in select areas have them as well. I’m talking about the coffee franchise kiosks. They are a great and inexpensive investment for many would be franchise owners and they provide very low overhead with a potentially high return on investment as there is almost always foot traffic in the malls and shopping centers they populate.

Why is the kiosk attractive to coffee franchise owners?

The primary reason that this particular coffee franchise is appealing is because of the extremely low start up and operational costs involved in operating a business such as this. Rather than renting a storefront or building a business in a physical location the kiosk coffee franchise has considerably lower costs involved in ownership and operational expenses.

In addition to low rent the kiosk is a small space that has low inventory. This keeps operational expenses quite low as well. This is a huge benefit for those looking to build a business with a minimal investment and relatively low capital available to invest in operational expenses.

If these reasons aren’t enticing enough, there is very little equipment to buy for a coffee franchise as well. This means another lower expense. One reason is that there is limited space for additional equipment. Another reason is that there really is no need for additional equipment. These stations are great because they do a few things but do them exceptionally well. Rather than having a full storefront devoted to a wide variety of coffee flavors the kiosk offers a couple of coffee flavor options to customers. This keeps lines moving quickly and customers moving along happily.

Yet another great benefit is the fact that there is really only a need for one staff member at a time. This keeps overhead even lower and earmarks more of the income for profit. If you are going to have an active role in running your franchise business this minimizes the expenses even more. If not you still only have a real need for two or three staff members on alternating days and hours in most cases to turn a nice tidy profit.

Another expense that is eliminated with most kiosk coffee franchises are the expenses of utilities such as electricity, heat, and air conditioning that can be quite extensive in many businesses. Every penny that you can eliminate from leaving your business the better when it comes to expenses. A kiosk allows you to eliminate many of the expenses that often plague small businesses before the profits begin to take off.

If you are considering a coffee franchise as your business of choice you might want to carefully consider whether or not the idea of a kiosk coffee shop would be appealing for you. The benefits of a store such as this are great for new business owners and the pathway to profits, though slower, are ultimately greater over time with expansion and perseverance.