The Appeal of Coffee

Coffee Is Liquid Gold

It might be hard to believe, but coffee is considered second only to oil when it comes to hot commodities. It’s the king of the bean, beating out even chocolate when it comes to being a worldwide favorite.

Derived from a small cherry that comes from the coffee tree, coffee is produced in a select few countries around the world and for the most part the drinking kind comes from only two different types of beans. The arabica and robusta are the two major beans in the world today. Arabica is the source of about two-thirds of the coffee supply. Robusta is easier to grow and considered heartier, but its flavor isn’t as good, so the Arabica wins out in the favorite bean contest.

Coffee drinkers who are die hards are pretty darn serious about the drink, too. With specialized products, gourmet beans and roasts and even high-end shops catering to their culinary desires, coffee lovers are in a club of their own and it’s big – huge in fact.

When it comes to drinking coffee, it’s estimated about 500 billion cups are served up worldwide each year. That’s a whole lot of beans. So many, in fact, the industry as a whole with worth billions. Again, that’s a whole lot of beans.

America alone, which isn’t the world’s largest consumer of coffee by the way, has more than 105 million coffee drinkers in its midst. Scandinavia is considered the world’s biggest consumer, coming in with the highest per-capita consumption in the world. In Finland, the average person drinks more than four cups of Joe a day!

So, what’s the appeal for this crazy little bean around the world? Whether it’s the bold, sometimes bitter taste or the caffeine rush or maybe a little of both, coffee has been a mainstay drink for centuries. Served up hot, iced, sugared, with specialty creams and more, coffee might have an acquired taste, but it’s one that many seem to acquire. The appeal might be the flavor or it might be the fact it’s the “grown up” drink. Once it grows on a person though, it seems coffee becomes a lifelong friend – decaf or full octane!

Few commodities in the world can even come close to rivaling coffee for its virtual global appeal. The sheer number of drinkers make this commodity one that’s hot and one that helps drive economies the world over.