The Anti Anxiety Drug Origins

There are a number of anxiety drugs on the market. Some that have been used, even though they were originally used for treating depression. This spectrum of anti-anxiety drug works well in controlling the symptoms of anxiety. Taking anti-depressants requires continuous use for several weeks before the symptoms begin to fade away. New anti-depressants are known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and they include Lexapro, Zoloft, Paxil as well as Prozac and they act upon the chemical messenger in the brain, known as serotonin. A low dosage may be used to begin with and this may be gradually increased until reaching the therapeutic levels.

Anti Anxiety Drug Helps You Regain Your Life

There comes, in everybody’s life, a time when everything seems aimless and without meaning. While sometimes, situations might be trying in life, the normal reaction would be to look for remedial actions. Very rarely do healthy human beings allow feelings of hopelessness become so overwhelming. When such feelings however, do envelop you, it means you are suffering from anxiety and depression.

Anxiety Symptoms Can Be Treated Successfully

Thankfully today, both anxiety and depression are recognized as serious afflictions which need understanding and proper treatment. However, in order to win the battle against anxiety and depression, you will need a very strong will, good support from family and friends. The good news is that it is possible to fight both anxiety and depression.

Depression and anxiety can be successfully treated with the help of anti anxiety drugs, as per the advice of the physician. Depending upon the degree of anxiety you are suffering the doctor will usually prescribe a number of anti anxiety drugs that would help you fight and win the battle against the anxiety attacks

Use Anti-Anxiety Drugs with Caution

However, there is a price attached to it. Almost all the anti anxiety drugs, though extremely effective in the result, bring with them some side effects. Some of these side effects are sexual dysfunction, sleepiness, weight gain and increased blood pressure. You may also find fatigue, drowsiness and confusion with certain anti anxiety drugs.

It is important hence, when you are under medication with anti anxiety drugs to be extremely careful about the exact dosage and method in which you are administering the drugs. Always be in contact with the doctor and keep him or her informed about any changes that occur in your feelings, and mental state. A lot of side effects that were mentioned earlier will disappear if the dosage is adjusted accordingly.

Be careful that you know everything about the drug before you undertake the treatment and that you know what to do if any of the side effects really go out of hand. Since the drug treatment is only one part of the comprehensive treatment, you must learn about the other treatments that are required to enforce the ensuing treatment.

Sometimes two or more treatments have to be administered at the same time, one complementing the other in full synchronization. This is why you will need to learn everything, right from the beginning, so you could understand how the drugs help, and what you can do to help the treatment along