The Answer Is Always NO Unless You Ask

Asking for the order seems like such a simple notion, so why do so many salespeople have difficulty with it? One of my favorite mottos is “if you don’t ask, you don’t get.” It is a very clear, concise and true statement of faith. The simple truth is, the answer is usually “no” unless you ask, and ask you must if you expect success.

In preparation for the publication of my latest book, Superior Selling Skills Mastery, I contacted several noteworthy and accomplished authors and speakers in the selling field, seeking their testimonials for my work. I chose people of extraordinary talent, wonderful success, superior notoriety and stellar reputation. Not surprisingly, three people have responded so far, one of which is still reading but promised a glowing testimonial.

“Not surprisingly?” Yes. I expected to hear from these leaders in our field. I believe that “the cream rises to the top” and one prominent reason industry leaders often are positioned where they are because they are interested in others. They are approachable, however you must be willing to ask for their assistance. You can read their testimonials on my blog.

I asked. They responded. If I would not have asked, it is unlikely that I would have received their testimonials. After all, how could they have known? Their recommendation and testimonial are both a valuable and necessary component of my marketing plan, a component I would surely miss if I had not asked.

Asking is critical, no matter your industry, field or circumstances. Whether it is help you seek, a review of your progress, an assessment of your skills, an opinion or an order that you are seeking from a customer, you must ask for it. Asking is necessary. Asking is expected.

Asking completes the selling process. It is closing the sale. Without it, all that has previously transpired means little, a mere transference of information. Giving away information and polite conversation are not bad things, but they will not pay your bills. Without the close, conversation is all you have. You must close the selling process; you must ask for the order.

Your customers expect you to close. They expect you to ask for their business. Many will not simply offer it to you because you are nice. Ask. Someone else will be asking for their business if you neglect to. Do not be hesitant. Ask confidently. Ask expectantly and receive.