The Allergy Treatment Closest to Your Heart

An allergy is the body’s abnormal reaction to a perfectly normal substance. This “normal” substance could be just about anything – a type of food, dust, pollen, or animal hair. Allergy treatment first begins with identifying the cause of the allergic reaction and then taking measures to avoid the source. This is easier said than done of course, especially when the allergen (the cause of an allergic reaction) is everywhere. For example, in spring, it’s very difficult to avoid the runny nose and swollen eyes associated with hay fever. That is why allergy treatment often targets the symptoms rather than eliminating the cause. However, allergy relief medicines are often similar in their action upon the body, despite the wide-range of triggers involved. Could it be that despite the huge number of allergies in the world, they all have their root in a similar condition?

What happens during an Allergic Reaction?

When an allergy is triggered, the body releases chemicals called leukotrienes and histamines which produce the most well known allergy symptoms: swelling and redness of the area affected, often combined with itching. It is the thymus gland that is responsible for the release of these chemicals into the blood. The thymus gland is the master gland of the immune system, located behind the breastbone just behind the heart, and responsible for correct immune function. It is when this gland next to your heart behaves irresponsibly that problems occur, and studies have indicated that an imbalance in the thymus gland may be at the root of many allergic reactions, regardless of the trigger.

It is the connection between allergies and the immune system, particularly the thymus gland, that has led to a number of holistic, natural asthma treatments being developed.

Natural Allergy Treatment and Relief

What to Take

Traditional Chinese medicine has a number of allergy treatment medications that appear to work on a wide number of patients with apparently different allergies. This seems to confirm the research that indicates most allergies have the same root cause: the thymus gland. This is why many natural allergy treatments involve the use of thymus extract. Extracts of the thymus gland are often used as part of a natural allergy treatment and there is scientifically corroborated evidence that their use is beneficial in the treatment of bronchitis, as well as other immune-related diseases.

And What Not to Take

What has been indicated by some studies is that the thymus tends not to function properly if there has been an excessive use of antibiotics. Indications are that cold and flu prevention shots, as well as other vaccinations, could just be the cause behind many a food allergy or allergic reaction. Allergy treatment using antibiotics tends to cause problems because these medicines suppress the disease rather than treat it. The disease remains “dormant” in the body, until resistance to the antibiotics is gained and then the allergy comes back stronger than ever.

Should antibiotics be avoided in the treatment of allergies? Of course not. However, it is always best to exercise caution and not overuse antibiotics and try to find a natural treatment for allergy relief.