The Alchemy of Success: Here and Now is Your Golden Opportunity

Alchemy is the ancient art – sometimes called science – of turning lead into gold.

Wouldn’t YOU love to be able to perform that feat? You could be as rich as you want to be!

Well, without becoming mystical about it, such an accomplishment may actually be within your practical reach!

There is a school of thought about alchemy asserting that “lead” and “gold” are actually symbols relating to stages of the fulfillment of the human potential.

“Lead” represents a base level of self development and “gold” represents the realization of the very pinnacle of the human potential.

According to this school of thought, as you grow into your higher potential, you release more and more of the “gold” of your greatness.

Do you see how this can help you to achieve higher levels of wealth and success?

As you fulfill your greater potential you increase your power to make the best of everything, to make all the money you want, to achieve all the success that you desire.

Your present circumstances, including your current business or financial situation, give you exactly what you need to fulfill more of your “golden” potential.

While we naturally feel an instinctive fear of the loss of control, and an instinctive urge to flee from uncertainty and risk, the present always gives you an “alchemical” opportunity that you would be wise to seize.

To seize it, work on your self-growth.

It’s not what is happening to you, but how you deal with it, that really matters most.

Whatever is happening gives you an opportunity to grow.

As you focus on your growth process, you transform into your greater potential, including your greater potential to love, to enjoy the moment, to make healthy choices, to live fearlessly, to achieve a higher level of success relative to any goal that you pursue.

Instead of judging what you are going through as better or worse than any other experience, take advantage of its alchemical potential by focusing on how you are handling it, what you are making of it.

Whatever you are going through, including the problems, the dangers, the limitations, work on releasing your higher level of self-development through it.

Pay close attention to your thinking, to your attitude, to your emotional reactions, to the quality of speech and actions.

You will see that you always have a choice, including the choice of what you pay attention to.

Work on making wiser, more enlightened and profitable choices. Work on developing your skills, expanding your knowledge, improving your self-control.

In this way you grow more able to relieve your suffering and the suffering of others, and to experience more fulfillment, freedom, and success.

You perform the magic of practical alchemy, and turn your LIFE into gold