The Aim Of Video Conferencing

The Aim of Video Conferencing

There was a time we had to send a telegram so someone will receive our message. Eventually, the telephone was invented until we now have a web. As you can see, the development of technology has made it easier for us to communication which happens to be also the aim of video conferencing.

But what is video conferencing? It is a technology that enables users to see and hear one another in real time so people can convey their message and get a response. For this to work, you will need a camera, microphone, speaker, a processor and the software. You can buy each one separately or get a set that offers this in one package.

The aim of video conferencing is different depending on what industry this will be used in. For instance, those in education use this medium to promote distance learning to those who can’t afford to attend regular classes to get a degree.

The justice department has used this to get the testimonies of witnesses so they no longer have to be brought to court to testify against a suspect. Hospitals use video conferencing to talk about the condition of a patient so something better can be done to help them recover from an injury or illness. While corporations use this medium to make business decisions.

Firms that conduct market research can tabulate the responses that have been given out by the respondents so the results will be released quickly.

Surely, you have heard of online dating. But video conferencing takes it another step forward as you get to see and talk to people that have potential instead of just reading their profile and looking at their picture.

Aside from talking, you can also do file sharing so two people can view the same document and make changes instantaneously. If something is unclear and you have to write it down, you can use the white board thus making this technology work for you as a virtual board room.

But in order for more people to enjoy video conferencing, more research has to be done to make it better than it was before. You have to remember that 10 years ago there were not that many people who were interested in getting it because it was too expensive to purchase. Now, you can get a reasonable package for less than $10,000 and use it as often as you need.

Just to show you how far video conferencing has gone, people can now use it to playback previous sessions, browse the web, send SMS messages and view slide presentations.

Regardless of how it is used, the aim of video conferencing is still the same and that is to get in touch with someone that could be in another state or country. It builds and fosters relationships, increases productivity and reduces the cost often incurred when an employee has to travel on a business trip that costs the company money.

Given that it video conferencing has benefits those who have not taken advantage of this technology must do so but this can only happen if they are able to determine the aim of video conferencing that is applicable to their setting. If they don’t want to buy one yet, they can try it out as some places offer this for use to the public.